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Max Payne 3 Trailer

YouTube video

The official Max Payne 3 trailer doesn’t do much to illuminate the story past what we already knew however it does feature a shaven headed Max, complete with grubby tank top and beer gut, shooting guys in the face in slow motion. Again, nothing we didn’t already know however I can’t help but be excited to hear those same gravelly tones. Max Payne was one of my all time favorite games and the first game to illuminate for me that the length of the experience isn’t important if the total experience was a good one. That game was short, but it had me from jump and never let go. Personally, I’m just happy they didn’t name it Max Payn3 because you know that idea was on the table at some point.

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Bill Abner

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6 thoughts to “Max Payne 3 Trailer”

  1. For me, a Max Payne 3 makes as much sense as the Highlander 2 follow-up to Highlander, at least as far as the story goes. The Max Payne games are ultimately about grief (in the “innermost layer” of the story, that is), and the ending in Max Payne 2 (one of my favourite endings ever, if not THE favorite ending ever) closes that beautifully – so beautifully, in fact, that it’s one of those things that should remain untouched, echoing for eternity. Following it up defeats its own purpose and existence, and negates everything that was right and good about it – because it’s about acceptance and closure, and it draws its strength as an ending from the very fact of it being an end instead of a middle point in an ongoing tale. In it, there are hints of a new beginning, but that kind of new beginning that begs to be left untold.

    But now there’s a Max Payne 3, because creativity in the industry is in a all-time low and sequels and reboots are pretty much all there is. The trailer seems to indicate it might be a good game, as far as gameplay and presentation go, and I’d probably like it if it didn’t feature Max Payne, and wasn’t called Max Payne 3 – but from a story standpoint, it’s just preposterous that it exists.

  2. they hinted at a third game at the end of Payne 2, as they hinted at a second game at the end of Payne 1. I feel that 2 was worthwhile but I agree that all the conflict was wrapped up with 2, leaving Rock Star to generate new conflict that should have been simply done with a new character.

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