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Syndicate Announcement Trailer

YouTube video

I have never played Syndicate so I have zero ties to the franchise whatsoever. That being said, the remake, if it can be called that, looks pretty slick. I’m a little concerned that between this and Deus Ex: HR that corporations will become the new Nazis, but corporations have already purchased the US of A outright, so I guess there’s no point in denying it. I’m a big fan of both Starbreeze and messy neural implant extractions so I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

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Bill Abner

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6 thoughts to “Syndicate Announcement Trailer”

  1. I’m on the same boat – never played old Syndicate games, so I won’t complain about new one being FPS. Trailer looks really neat, can’t wait to try it out.

    Also, gotta admit that concept of old Syndicate games sounds interesting, so I’m looking forward to Paradox’s Cartel too

  2. Even as a huge fan of the old Syndicate title, I have to admit this looks like a promising FPS. Its got what looks to be a fun soundtrack (with some original Syndicate soundtrack-type inspirations), that crazy movement system from Brink, and some fun weaponry (looks like the Minigun made it in!)… if the trailer is indicative of the title, I’ll definitely pick it up.

    I still wish they chose a different name, but I understand how using an already established IP could set them out in a super competitive FPS market.

  3. This actually looks pretty impressive, coming from someone who has never seen or heard of this game before today.

    And that soundtrack is some good shit.

  4. While I’m still dubious, they put together a nice looking trailer. My only real issue is they gave the Syndicate agent… well, identity. What I liked about Syndicate is it wasn’t uncommon for you to roll-up into town with 4 agents and leave with just one bloody husk of a man who managed to crawl his way into a truck and bust through a fence (and he was just as likely to die on the next mission).

    If the game doesn’t have multiple agents per mission, or co-op, it’s a pass, don’t want to encourage them cashing in on other chunks of my childhood memories. You could just as easily called this game “Super Agent of Doom”…


  5. They put -brostep- to Syndicate. I remember Syndicate fondly, and whilst the game looks interesting and all that, if Skrillex is doing the music for this game, I’m going off to EA with a crate of petrol bombs over this…

  6. Yeah, agreed. Which leaves me in a strange place, since I really would like to see Syndicate come back as Syndicate.

    Anyway, this is much more impressive than the X-COM FPS trailer(s). The gameplay here actually looks like fun.

    Nice music, too. And the cold, female VO is a good touch.

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