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Notes from the Mothership

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Ah, Friday. The power just came back on and it’s raining outside here in Ohio — a cold, steady rain. So let’s talk videogames!

A few articles of note went up this week at GameShark:

Justin does another great job with this interview with David Grossman of Telltale Games as he talks about the nuts and bolts of how the company does business.

One of the things we do well is decide which licenses we want to work with. We try to go after stuff that has a strong basis in character and story, and that we believe we’ll handle more appropriately than another studio would. We spend a good deal of time thinking about this, and then sometimes it takes years before the stars all line up properly. Both Fables and King’s Quest, for example, have been on our list for a long time.

I tossed up a review of Hard Reset (B):

Hard Reset is a throwback. Technically sound, smooth on a modest PC, its focus precisely set on the combat, and nary a hint of multiplayer support, new developer Flying Wild Hog doesn’t deviate from the path of the pure shooter. It’s a dash of Painkiller mixed with the aesthetic of Blade Runner.

I actually managed to get Barnes to use his 3DS as he reviewed Bit.Trip.Saga (B+):

Gaijin Games’ suite of ex-WiiWare Bit.Trip titles now collected for the 3DS as Bit.Trip. Saga, are routinely regarded as “retro” or “throwback” titles in reference to their no-bit graphic style and gameplay that hearkens back to times when color palettes were in the double digits and the superstar designers were mavericks like David Crane and Larry Kitchen.

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Currently, I am finishing up my FIFA 12 review (leaning B/B+) and have the new Game of Thrones PC RTS installed (pictured) and I have managed to play the tutorials and the game is NOTHING like what I expected and I’ll have a post on that soon — hopefully tonight.

Tom Chick has a copy of Rage that he’s raging on (hoping for a Tuesday review, we’ll see) and Todd will be covering NBA 2K12 and I know Barnes is not reviewing it but he and I will definitely be talking Dark Souls next week. We also forced Brandon into playing the new X-Men game.

He has not recovered.

Bill Abner

Bill has been writing about games for the past 16 years for such outlets as Computer Games Magazine, GameSpy, The Escapist, GameShark, and Crispy Gamer. He will continue to do so until his wife tells him to get a real job.

6 thoughts to “Notes from the Mothership”

  1. Sadly, I probably won’t be talking Dark Souls next week because of this fucking business trip I have to go on. Instead of dying over and over again and relishing in the grimness of what looks to be a GotY contender, I’ll be looking at powerpoint slides.

    I seriously thought about dragging my 360 out to California with me.

    But eventually, I’ll review it here.

    Really interested to see which way Rage goes.

  2. Does that mean we have to wait for Brandon to recover from trying to play X-Men Destiny before we get to find out just how bad it was?

    Sidenote: Prices for last year’s Spider-Man game recently dropped in anticipation for this year’s, so I’ve been using that to get my fill of comic-related action games instead of picking up X-Men (while patiently waiting for Arkham City).

  3. I’m really interested in reading any impressions about the Game of Thrones game as there is next to nothing about it online.
    One of the threads on the Qt3 forums makes it seem like a very different game from what we were expecting. But then again with the lack of marketing this game has had I’m not even sure what I was expecting from it in the first place.

  4. ‘One of the threads on the Qt3 forums makes it seem like a very different game from what we were expecting. ‘

    Most certainly…

  5. It’s terrible. There you go, no waiting required.

    I finished it tonight, a whopping 4 hours after I started it. I have to dick around with it still to see some of the other power sets, but yeah, it’s done. I should have my review turned in Monday or Tuesday to be posted at Bill’s discretion.

    I really enjoyed Shattered Dimensions. I’ll be reviewing Edge of Time next and I’m quite excited for it. The 2099 Spidey was my favorite from Shattered Dimensions so having him in half of Edge of Time is awesome.

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