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Suda51 Talks Shadows of the Damned Regrets

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It’s all about new franchises?

That’s the word from Suda51 when asked why Shadows of the Damned tanked at retail, selling an amazing 24,000 copies in its debut month in the United States.

“Of course we always wish to have a big hit, but at the same time – not just in Japan, but worldwide – I think it’s really difficult to be successful with a new IP. You really need an extraordinary amount of support to have a new franchise be successful. Unfortunately we couldn’t really do as well as we hoped for.”

Is that a subtle poke at EA?

When asked what he’d change, he mentions adding online play, which I can say with absolute certainty would have made NO difference in sales — at all. Zero. A mini blip, at best.

Sometimes, a game is just plain mediocre. He’s right that franchising is a tough game and that a lot of good games have disappeared and failed to really catch on with the public. But you need to bring a better game to the table first and adding online play to a mediocre game isn’t going to make it less mediocre.

The new franchise excuse, really, is just that — an excuse.

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Bill Abner

Bill has been writing about games for the past 16 years for such outlets as Computer Games Magazine, GameSpy, The Escapist, GameShark, and Crispy Gamer. He will continue to do so until his wife tells him to get a real job.

5 thoughts to “Suda51 Talks Shadows of the Damned Regrets”

  1. Man I wish this was a better game. I even kinda enjoyed it: but when my friends asked me how it was I could only respond with “meh.”

    Sorry Suda, just leave the mainstream action titles to EA proper; stick to your niche because it’s so so awesome.

  2. Just how much regard they gave to the idea that the juvenile advertising for this game contributed to buyer apathy. Myself, Suda51′s prior rep was enough to generate interest, but the 13 year old dick joke commercial killed any interest at all I might have had in the game (which is a shame, because for all practical purposes it looks like it hits many other marks I look for in a game). Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a lot of cross-over between the dick joke crowd and the Silent Hill/RE 4 crowd….

  3. I don’t know how anyone in the industry could look at that game, those commercials, the general look of the game on the shelf etc.. and not know it’s going to bomb. I knew it from day 1. Shit, day negative 100.

    Yes, he’s right. Gears 3 will sell a shit load of copies and Vanquish was ignored. It’s the way of the industry, but this should not be a surprise. You have to design knowing that now.

    Even Bayonetta only did ok and it’s a much better game then God of War 3. But who cares, GoW3 can sail on by on testosterone and pandering.

    I wish Shadows was better, I still enjoyed it and it was a lot more fun then some AAA titles I’ve played but that doesn’t change the fact it could have been better. Still, best soundtrack I’ve heard in years. Cool light dark thing. There’s some fun stuff in it.

    Excuse or not, he’s right and we shouldn’t let his not good enough game derail that thought.

  4. I’m with you there. That kind of humor as lots its edge with me somewhere along the line. I can still take it, (No More Heroes) but not when you’re overplaying your hand like this game seemed to.

  5. Yep, five person consensus. The “mean ol’ industry” is blamed for a shitty game with zero commercial prospects, horrid marketing, and lackluster everything down the line. The Monday morning quarterbacking should be more focused on why a project with such talented people making it should turn out so shitty. There’s your answer to why it didn’t sell, Suda.

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