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Oh, There’s Rage. You Better Believe It.

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I don’t mean Tom Chick’s review, which I have in hand which will go up soon (today or tomorrow). Tom’s no fan, but I was granted a PC code to tool around in id’s new wasteland wonderland. So my download is ready and…it keeps crashing. Even before I get to a load screen, it just fails.

I then see at PC Gamer:

Yesterday we mentioned that Rage players have been experiencing severe texture lag and framerate problems. In a post on the Bethblog, Bethesda says that “these problems can be attributed to driver issues” adding that they’re “currently working with Nvidia and AMD to resolve them as quickly as possible.”

They recommend that Nvidia users should upgrade to the latest beta drivers and ensure that the auto update feature is on, suggesting that Rage specific tweaks to the drivers could be on the way.

There’s mixed news for AMD card owners. “Yesterday we posted the latest beta drivers for both card manufacturers on our blog,” say Bethesda. “We’ve learned that AMD is reporting issues with their driver update, and you should not use it.”

Awesome. But really, who uses Nvidia and AMD cards anyway?

Hell I don’t even know if my issues are even related to driver shenanigans. PC Gamer is talking about framerates and texture doo dads. I can’t even get to the texture doo dads before it dies.

You know, I’m still getting through A Game of Thrones with Dark Souls staring at me saying, “Dude…let’s GO already”. My desire to platy Rage is waning.

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Bill Abner

Bill has been writing about games for the past 16 years for such outlets as Computer Games Magazine, GameSpy, The Escapist, GameShark, and Crispy Gamer. He will continue to do so until his wife tells him to get a real job.

10 thoughts to “Oh, There’s Rage. You Better Believe It.”

  1. This is
    1. Why I only use Nvidia. They are way less a driveer problem than anything else has ever been overall.

    2. Why I no longer Really PC game. Except F1.

  2. I PC game as much as anyone and this isn’t a huge issue with 95% of the PC games I play.

    Rage is in that 5%.

  3. The only driver difference at play here is that Nvidia’s OpenGL support is much better than AMD’s. But then who, other than Carmack, uses OpenGL for Windows-only development?

  4. Another failure from the Bethesda QA team. You have to wonder how a top tier publisher can keep dropping the ball on these major title releases. The disastrous launch of Brink was only 5 months ago.

    I’ve been playing RAGE since launch, and it has been one hell of a rocky road. If I wasn’t a die hard fan of id, I think I’d have given up by now. Which is a shame, because once you get past the technical errors, it’s a great game.

    Let’s see if they can pull it together for the Skyrim launch next month. I wouldn’t bet on it.

  5. I had thought this game was going to be console-only. Given what I keep reading about it’s PC support, I’m wondering if someone at ID/Bethesda had thought the same thing.

    I haven’t heard that it adds anything new to the FPS canon. Guess I’ll have to read the Chick review to find out.

  6. This game sounded intriguing, but I swore after PSN started giving automated updates for their paying subscribers that I wasn’t buying another PS3 game. If ever there was a function that should be for everyone it’s updating their stupid bloody system since every single time I want to play it needs to update.

    Hopefully the PC version gets things worked out as I’m not buying until I see good things about stability.

  7. After hearing the Gamers With Jobs podcast talking about Rage I bought it on the PC (Steam on 10/8/11) even thou it has had a rocky start.

    I’ve played 4+ hours of it and had zero problems installing or playing. It has been the perfect continuation of a long list of post-apocalyptic shooters that feed my narritive soul.

    What did I do differently?…

    I downloaded it from Steam. The saver of all PC gaming due to it’s auto-updates.

    I made the config file and installed the Nvidia Beta 285.38 video driver dated 9/26/11 as stated in Nividia’s article.

    Truth be told the config file is for up-resing to the 4k textures and the fix is in the driver.

    I have had Zero issues with Rage. It’s A- if I was to write preview for Gameshark.

    I’m giving my PC specs as just a reference.

    CPU: i5-2500k @ 5ghz
    GPU: Nvidia 580 @ 960mhz 1080p
    RAM: 8GB

  8. It’s stable on my PC (i5 & Nvidia 580) with the Nvidia beta driver 285.38

    Looks great with the up-ressed 4k textures also. Do a google search for “How To Unlock Rage’s High Resolution Textures With A Few Simple Tweaks”. I would link the article but I think posts with links have issues at NHS.

    Don’t delay. It’s a good game.

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