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Mojang Wins Round One in Scrolls Case

Bethesda got its nose bloodied in Sweden as the interim injunction to force Mojang to cease and desist from using the word “scrolls” in its title for an upcoming game was refused.

The court’s overall assessment does not consider there to be shown probable grounds for trademark infringement”, given the confusion between the two titles “is relatively low.

So what happens now is this:

1) Nothing. Zenimax/Bethesda pout a bit but moves on to other things,

2) They appeal the ruling and try again.

3) They settle out of court.

Alex Chapman, the lawyer representing Mojang:

“We will of course have to speak with our client as to what it wants to do but Markus [Persson], Jakob [Porser] and Carl [Manneh] have made no secret of the fact that they are prepared to settle the matter so long as they are able to use the name ‘Scrolls’ in the title of their game – which is no more than they are entitled to. The court’s decision vindicates the position Mojang has taken and their commitment to stand up for what they believe in – when many would have felt forced to give in. I think great credit has to go to them for that and also to their fans and indie dev community for their support.”

While I still think Zenimax/Bethesda had every right to publicly defend this, if not for this particular case but for future ones:

Hooray for common sense.

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One thought to “Mojang Wins Round One in Scrolls Case”

  1. …not a single crap was given by me.

    While I understand trademark and copyright law, this entire affair was still pretty stupid.

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