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And Now, Some Arkham City Advice

No High Scores

Here is some advice for you if you plan on entering Arkham City any time soon. Ready? Ok, here goes. Be prepared to hear the following two phrases to the point where you want to throat punch your speakers:

Augmented reality training activated
Augmented reality training failed.

See, Batman is such a driven perfectionist that he’s not willing to just give himself a new gadget. Oh no, he has to prove to himself that he’s worthy of making his own life easier as he goes about kicking criminals in their tender parts. Early on into Arkham City you will be given the option of taking on four augmented reality courses which consist of green rings that you have to glide through. Once you complete the first four you’re given the super bat grapple boost thingy. It’s basically a rocket booster for your zip line, allowing you to finish a zip line trip with a boost of power that propels you into the air and lets you glide to cover additional ground. It’s awesome and it makes traveling through the city much easier.

What do you get for completing the last four courses? An achievement, or a trophy. That’s it. But, and this is important, don’t let that keep you from doing them. They are extremely frustrating and extremely annoying but here’s why you should do them.

Batman doesn’t give up. Not ever.

Broken back, dead sidekicks, getting shot with the Anti-Life equation and hurled back through time, none of this stopped him. A bunch of neon green rings shouldn’t stop you either.

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Brandon loves games, which shouldn't be a surprise given where you're reading this. He has written for GameShark, The Escapist and G4, and made them all less relevant as a result.

14 thoughts to “And Now, Some Arkham City Advice”

  1. The first four rings are a damn joke compared to the advanced course.

    I spent an hour last night and just finished the advance courses. I couldn’t stand having them there on the map, to the point where it was driving me nuts. And why? Just to get a bloody achievement and prove that I could. Great reason.

    But it was one of the most satisfying achievements I’ve gotten because I damn well earned it.

    Now I can focus on riddles and side missions and things I love about the game instead.

    Also, tell me I’m not the only person who noticed that the cape mechanics are pretty much a wholesale cut and paste from Super Mario World…

  2. Man, nothing beats being 11 years old, reading DKR in issues when they were in release, and seeing old Batman deck Supes like that, with the krypton gloves and all. So bad ass.

    Hmm…Rocksteady…DKR-era set Batman game…

  3. Hey, Super Batman World sounds like a pretty awesome game to me! This is good info, though. I don’t care about getting all the achievements, so if you don’t get anything else for the advanced courses, I’ll be sure to just skip them and save myself the frustration. As long as the first four are fairly simple to do, because that grapple upgrade sounds pretty damn awesome.

  4. Finding the TPB of DKR in the bargain bin of Duane’s Toy Shop in Albany, NY was one of the defining moments of my childhood. There are so many amazing moments in that book.

  5. They’re not bad, once you learn that pulling up out of a dive gives you extra lift and gliding longevity.

  6. Yeah, the first four are easily done once you get the hang of the glider controls. Game could have explained that better, but it’s easy to wrangle.

  7. Down to my last one of those damn things. I think it’s AR #2. I’m pretty confident I wasted an hour on those advanced challenges so far, but I’ll get the second one tonight, probably before beating Penguin’s ass.

  8. Is that the one where you have to fly into the busted up glass structure and pull a left turn off to boot?

    Good luck, if so. It’s the worst of them by a long shot.

  9. That one sucks. Dive, then thread a needle between a fence and the bottom girders of the elevated train then a hard left to the end. I still haven’t finished it.

  10. The hard part at first is getting the timing just right so you pull out of the dive with enough momentum to finish the course but not hit the girder overhang. Then you have to stay reasonably low so you don’t pull up into the roof, make the turn successfully and have the speed to get you through to the end.

    Hard as hell and I pretty much cheered when I pulled it off. My guess is at least 50 attempts.

  11. Took me approximately 100 tries and over an hour. You have to fly for about 10 miles through that tiny tunnel with about 6 inches of clearance on every side. #2 only took 3 tries after that, but maybe that was because I spent so much time perfecting my technique on #1.

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