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Batman: Arkham City Robin DLC Now Available

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For all of the PC gamers among us, today is a very special day, as today is the day that Batman: Arkham City finally graces their noble platform. For the rest of us, we finally get to play around with the Robin DLC that came with certain pre-orders. I think the PC owners got the better deal. Just like the Nighwing pack, Robin is only playable in the Riddler’s challenge maps however he does have his own sets of medals for the predator maps. Unlike Nightwing, though, Robin gets three skins instead of two: Arkham City Robin, Batman: The Animated Series Robin and Red Robin. I’m tempted to pick this one up, if only to try the different maps with Robin, however going through all of the combat maps once was enough, much less another time with someone less skilled.

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Bill Abner

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2 thoughts to “Batman: Arkham City Robin DLC Now Available”

  1. I really like what they’ve done with the challenge maps in Arkam City. I really do. They’ve made combat ones easier, and predator ones harder which ends up being way more fun for both. But in order to get all the achievements I have to do each of those maps 3 times or something. That’s stupid. I’m not having more fun when I have to do a challenge map with mines scattered, or with booby trapped vantage points on another one. And it’s not more fun doing it with another character just because they use bo sticks intead of fists or claws or whatever.

    these DLCs are expensive as balls too. 7$ bleeding dollars. For a dude to hop around on the same maps you’ve already hopped around on for more than you’d like. Bleah. I love this game, but this DLC is f—- monkey s—.

  2. As much as I love this game, I think your comments are spot on, in terms of the maps and in terms of the DLC.

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