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Alan Wake to PC in 2012

I didn’t see this coming. Does anyone still care about Alan Wake? A game that was released in May of 2010?

Remedy Entertainment is proud to announce the PC release of Alan Wake. Coming in early 2012, the game will give PC gamers the Alan Wake experience they have been patiently waiting for. Remedy is a developer with deep roots in the PC space (Death Rally and Max Payne 1 and 2), so the game will have the high resolution polish that longtime fans will expect. The PC version of the game will also include The Signal and The Writer downloadable content.

So Q1 2012 will put the PC release roughly 20 months after the release of the console version.

Good luck with that.

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Bill Abner

Bill has been writing about games for the past 16 years for such outlets as Computer Games Magazine, GameSpy, The Escapist, GameShark, and Crispy Gamer. He will continue to do so until his wife tells him to get a real job.

8 thoughts to “Alan Wake to PC in 2012”

  1. Very underrated, sophisticated, and atmospheric horror game. The TV episode format is brilliant.The writing is sometimes spectacular, and the metaphor of the writer-as-creator more or less running in terror through the dark to points of light can be profound. The gameplay was good but not great, and I think some of the more understated horror elements were likely lost on the torture porn generation. It’s no wonder, really, that it shuffled off unloved.

    But yeah, this is kind of a day late/dollar short situation.

  2. It was my favorite game of 2010.

    There were better games, for sure, but nothing brought me as much joy.

    The writing is far better than most games manage and at least it tried a damn metaphor or two. The fact it made me end up loving Barry, a character I felt I would hate from his introduction, was a testament to that.

    I still crack up thinking about that damn cardboard cutout.

  3. that don’t care about buying a console because they have more games to play on the PC that time to play them, that really don’t care it the game came out this year or 5 years ago as long as is good and the price is not to bad, hell just played Bioshock and Mass Effect 1 and 2 in the last moths. So all five of us are all over this, but it seems most gamers are more interested in the new and shinny.

  4. Well, I’m happily surprised. I thought the game looked very interesting but being console only meant I would have to pass on it. There may not be a HUGE market for this but they have earned my purchase.
    Bravo to Remedy and PC Gaming!

  5. I am finally now just starting to play Alan Wake for the first time (on the 360). It was something I wanted to play at release, but never got around to it. So far it’s pretty great, but I’m curious how well it will translate to the PC. Third person shooters have always felt a little awkward to me with a mouse/keyboard.

  6. One of my good friends is a PC only gamer and was very annoyed that Alan Wake was console only. So this was big news for him.

  7. A tip for anyone reading who has not played it, and are considering doing so on PC.


    The game has one *extremely* fatal flaw, they thought it would be clever to have the book pages that they ask you to collect reveal what is about to happen moments after you find them. This is stupid, they ruin ANY suspense the game has. I stopped reading them after they spoiled a particularly awesome scene, and the game improved ten-fold.

    The game has it’s merits. The “ghost busting” is really fun, but they get to combat scenarios involving only variations on known enemies about half way through as I recall, which means your battles start to become pretty stale as the game progresses.

    Plot is reasonably appropriate for the genre, but for a game about a writer it’s not amazing.

    The lack of opportunities to stop between “Episodes” is ridiculous. Watching a “previously on” right after you played a level seems really odd when you didn’t stop playing.

    Going back to the positives, the game’s environments and atmospherics are really well done. It really accomplishes creating a sense of place in the pacific northwest.

    Overall I enjoyed it, and I was looking forward to the DLC, though my XBOX has died so I haven’t had a chance to play them. I would say it’s something to be excited about. It would be nice if it could be modded. There’s a lot of potential there.

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