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"Xbox 720" launching in 2013

There has been a lot of talk about when the next Xbox will drop; a few months ago Develop reported that 2013 was the year that we’d see Microsoft release the “Xbox 720” and today that has been confirmed according to a story on CNET.

The meat of this story is about how one of the team leaders on the 360, Don Coyner, is no longer with the team. But the fact that they have confirmation that the next edition of the Xbox console is pegged for 2013 is the eye grabber.

The game developer Web site Develop recently pegged the launch of the next console for 2013, something a source on the Xbox team confirmed. Microsoft declined to comment on the timing of the next Xbox.

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Bill Abner

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5 thoughts to “"Xbox 720" launching in 2013”

  1. I wonder if this will cause Sony to jump into the fray with a new console before the end of the 10-year PS3 lifespan they keep talking about. 3 years would be a long time for MS to get a huge instal base.

  2. I can’t see Sony letting MS “corner the market” for that long. Interesting to see what the next generation of consoles will look like.

    It will have to be pretty amazing to keep me as a customer. I’m losing love for the consoles as years go by and a nice gaming rig looks better and better.

  3. It reminds me of Tom Haverford’s company in Parks and Recreation, Entertainment 720.

    I don’t exactly look forward to the prospect of getting another Xbox, I like mine just fine as it is. But if it is Blu-Ray compatible, I guess it would allow me to start getting the new Blurays with the special features not available on the DVD versions. I hope I can wait until the price drop, of course.

  4. I agree with this. Considering the PS3 already suffers graphical limitations compared to the 360. It would kill them to let xbox have a lead an greater than 1 year.

    Thats all it will probably be though. Playstation has traditionally been one year after xbox.

    As to the name question. There is reason for it. Xbox was naamed 360 in the fist place because they did not want to name it xbox2 when playstations competing incarnation was to be 3. It would bring sony a subliminal psycological edge. And for naysayers yes that is a very real edge when mom and pop shop for the system at xmas time.

    After going 360 the natural step is 720 giving the xbox the edge unless sony goes another route rather than ps4. Personally I like something like Playstation 4play muhhahaha.

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