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So the 3DS is a Hit?

the stories of 2011? The failure of the 3DS?

Well, tell that to Nintendo, as the company announced that the handheld sold more in its first nine months than the Wii did when it first dropped. This from Nintendo’s Scott Moffitt:

“One of the strongest software line-ups in our history helped Nintendo have a great holiday season and to close 2011 with a full head of steam. Not only have the new Mario and Zelda titles already broken records, but with strong reviews and satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences, all three are also shaping up to be the latest long-tail titles from Nintendo. Couple that with a massive first- and third party line-up in the first part of the year and the prospects for 2012 are extremely promising.”

To date, the 3DS has sold more than four million units in the US. Not too bad for a doomed system.

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Bill Abner

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