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Classic Syndicate on Good Old Games

If you want to know what all the fuss was about when EA announced that the company was taking Syndicate and making it a shooter rather than remaking the original with modern tech, now is your chance. Well, technically Thursday is your chance as GOG is releasing the original Syndicate from Bullfrog.

The legendary Syndicate will take over on the 19th of January.

The original sci-fi strategy Syndicate will be released on for $5.99 this Thursday. This gritty cyberpunk treasure shows up here with some bonus content: the game manual, dark SF artworks, and avatars.


I’m curious how it holds up.

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Bill Abner

Bill has been writing about games for the past 16 years for such outlets as Computer Games Magazine, GameSpy, The Escapist, GameShark, and Crispy Gamer. He will continue to do so until his wife tells him to get a real job.

6 thoughts to “Classic Syndicate on Good Old Games”

  1. I’m sure the game itself holds up just fine. It’s the resolution that’ll make this one painful. I want to purchase and play it… but I just don’t know if my eyes can take it.

  2. I never played the first Syndicate, but I did play Syndicate Wars for at least a couple of years, and loved it throughly. Bombing banks to steal money, taking down police cars with rocket launchers, using the Persuadertron (or Indoctrinators) to charm half a city and guide the angry mob against the enemy base, and in the late levels, using gravitons guns to kills every single person on the map. And of course satellite rain, which killed me as often as it killed enemies.

    That was pure fun, just seeing the UI graphics now (here) I can hear the game sounds in my head

  3. You’ll get used to the visuals after an hour or two. The real problem is when you come across some gameplay quirk that stems from the archaic design. That will start to annoy you really bad at some point. At least that is what I find when I go back to these old games. For instance, in XCOM it’s how you move about your troops that really annoys me, coupled with the awful interface.

    I think I watched my brother play syndicate back in the day. I was too young to really understand, but it looked cool.

    Darklands is something I want to play at some point too. Such a fascinating setting. Though, I might never get around to it. :/


    EDIT: Pretty sure I wanted this to be in reply to the bottom 2 comments.

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