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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Trailer

YouTube video


I am, mercifully, back home. After a week abroad and a week largely off the grid in Boston, I feel like I have no idea what’s happening in the gaming world. Was there something about an Xbox 720? Surely, we’re just calling it that right? And something with SOPA happened, I guess, that was, for once, a good thing. Is it really dead or is it like Monty Python dead and will soon refuse to be taken away on the cart? It’s all too much, and not just because I can’t breath through my nose today. 

Right. Anyway. There’s this Mass Effect 3 multiplayer trailer. By virtue of the fact that it’s advertising the one thing in Mass Effect 3 I’m least interested in playing, combined with me being in a grumbly mood in general, I look at this and think, “Wow. That blows.” It probably doesn’t. It’s just so damn amped up on ACTION that you risk spraining something merely by watching it. These sorts of things don’t impress me. After the break I’m putting in the launch trailer from Mass 2. That was good. I liked that. Hey, Bioware, let’s have another one of those when launch day approaches in just over a month, okay? 


YouTube video

Mmmm. Makes me want to play it all over again. 

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Todd Brakke

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8 thoughts to “Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Trailer”

  1. I have this feeling that mass effect 3 has jumped the shark. The first game, while flawed in many ways, had a true scifi feel to it and by the protean home world level I was basically convinced bio ware had the foundation of a truly amazing sci fi series.  Mass effect 2 didn’t disappoint, but the sprawling and not always fleshed out cast and lack of vangelis inspired electronic theme music left me a little cold. Still the mordin plot line was a remarkable piece of work. 

    Me3, from the little I’ve seen, just seems like the csi Miami version of mass effect. Returning to earth is never, in my sci fi opinion, advisable. Frankly I was hoping the final game would revolve around those jellyfish guys. If they don’t include the film grain filter that’s really the last straw for me though. 

  2. I share your love for Mass Effect 2.  It was my Game of The Year that year.  Absolutely loved it.

    And while, up to this point, I have had zero interest in the multi-player aspect of the Mass Effect 3 (outside of split-screen co-op games, which I love, and Left 4 Dead, I don’t play multi-player games at all), I thought that trailer made it look pretty sweet.  Definitely much more excited about it now than before.  I’d love to be able to play with 3 friends on line as Shepard’s strike team.

    My biggest fear with Mass Effect 3 is what role will my beloved Jack have…

  3. I’m curious to see if there is supposed to be some sort of storyline in the multiplayer missions. Mostly I’m hoping the multiplayer will not even cross my radar until I’m done with the singleplayer. Like quite a few bioware fans, when the multiplayer announcmnet happened I initially fumed and sulked, but the thing is I enjoyed the combat in ME2 immensely and, this is the important bit, as long as the multiplayer aspect is not added at a cost to the story and single player game I’m not too concerned and even cautiously interested. It is a completely unnecessary feature, but that doesn’t mean it will be terrible.

    But yes, that trailer by itself was pretty dull. Have they released a story trailer other than that very early cinematic one?

    Also, even if SOPA were dead, which I’m not convinced it is, given the amount of money involved I fully expect it to be dragged back out. To coin another Pythonism: it’s not dead, it’s resting. Shagged out after a long squawk. Etc. It will be back, possibly under a different name, but it isn’t going to go away.

  4. Man, that Mass Effect 2 trailer is SOO frakkin’ good. You are so right, that is much better than what they have been putting out for 3. Which is really disappointing. They had those amazing trailers for Old Republic, if they could do that with an MMO I would think they could do something like that for a game with only side multiplayer!

    Todd, I hope you are right and a new trailer (a REAL one, like the Mass Effect 2 one, not showing unimportant things like multiplayer or shooting) comes out soon. I will still get the game, but it is worrying.

  5. Oh, I guarantee you we’ll see a better trailer on or around the actual launch. Hard to imagine topping this one, though. I mean throw the game out of the equation, that’s a bad ass trailer!  🙂 

  6. On SOPA – that’s what scares me. The forces of Internet evil don’t take a holiday after defeat, I’m afraid. They just regroup. 


    I’m sure we’ll get a proper story trailer eventually. When we do, I’ll start to get excited. 🙂 

  7. Of course, I’m one of those wierdos that thinks many massive games would do better with multiplayer.  I’d love for a game like Skyrim to be multiplayer, each player off doing their own thing, but able to talk to eachother, with two completely seperate main story lines, Dragon Age would’ve been neat to see like that.  Anyway, I digress.

    To me, the multiplayer aspect of this game is like reading fan fiction.  The general premise being, it answers those nagging (for some) questions.  (ridiculously small ME2 spoiler)  There is a scene in Mass Effect two, where there’s a group of soldiers fighting off An…Ankari?  Those bug people that I saved from destruction in ME1 <- More spoilage, anyway, you kill off a few… but then you leave.  That’s where Fan Fiction would take over.  Who was that captain?  Did she live?  Was she the last survivor?  

    Shepard blasts off from some rock, having the super secret wachoowasit in hand, but there’s still a prison riot going on down there, what do you do?  Who cleans up that mess?

    I look forward to the ME3 Multiplayer, I get to hang out with my friends online, and play one of my favorite series of all time, it doesn’t get better than that for me.



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