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X-COM: Enemy Unknown News Linkage

No High Scores

There’s been a bunch of cool X-COM content popping up the past few days and, the more I see, the more confidence I have in the project. My gut tells me Firaxis is doing this one right. And my gut is hardly ever wrong. The first thing you should check out is part 1 of Rock Paper Shotgun’s Alec Meer interview with lead designer, Jake Solomon. Tons of good stuff here and, evidently, much more on the way.

Next we have Game Informer’s breakdown of two separate combat encounters. While I’ll admit I have some questions about the logic behind how some of these encounters played out, this my friends, is X-COM.

Part 1
Part 2

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Todd Brakke

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7 thoughts to “X-COM: Enemy Unknown News Linkage”

  1. Amazing! I can’t wait for this thing to come out. Gigantic fan of UFO Defense/Enemy Unknown, so reading the developer’s comments and seeing these screens is quite exciting.

    Thanks for this!

  2. I am very curious to see the “movement abstraction” in action myself.  I suspect that one reason they did it was to curb the more tedious aspect of X-com missions (those mop up bug hunts, mostly).  Though it’s possible the playable maps are going to be small (that would be sad).

    I have no read the Game Informer preview.  My only qualm was in the description of the combat encounter contained therein (which is the encounter from part 1). In the description, when both a Sectoid and Muton are spotted, the author mentions a “cut away to a quick cutscene”.  That sounds positively wretched.  I hope, at least, it’s just for the first time you meet a new species (and the mission in question was the first one out of the gate).

    Also, Todd, when will the next RPG Therapy column be up?

  3. “Conversations with Richard Garriot” (and in a email exchange once you told me something to the effect of “like SNL skits, 3 times is probably the charm on that one”.  And you were right).  You selected heavily from things I said in an  Exile 3 (iirc) party planning strategy discussion once. 

    Good times.


  4. That’s awesome. The Garriot shtick is still one of my favorite things. 


    Ah, Usenet. Sometimes, I miss you so. Sometimes. 

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