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Drox Operative: The Master of Orion Action RPG?

Today at the Mothership I have a Q&A up with Soldak’s Steven Peeler. Soldak is the outfit behind the wonderfully awesome Din’s Curse. All of this jibber jabber about Diablo 3 is great but that game will have to be amazing to knock Din off its perch — as far as I am concerned, anyway.

This is why you need to keep an eye on Drox Operative, which is Soldak’s follow up to Din. Drox looks like a blend of Master of Orion, Privateer, Elite with the dynamic gameplay of Din.

If that cannot get you excited to play it then you’re a lost cause. Sorry we just cannot be friends anymore.

I read on your development blog that it’s like Master of Orion from a mercenary captain’s point of view with action-rpg mechanics. I think it’s an interesting idea to have the player as a small part of a galactic war rather than in control of it. Is that still an accurate description of the setting? What made you choose this as a backdrop?

That description is still pretty accurate. You aren’t just some run of the mill mercenary any more though, you are an elite Operative. However, you are thrown into a conflict between alien races fighting for control of the local sector. That part is definitely still there. I decided on this as the setting because I felt this would make the game fairly unique, I really like 4X strategy games like Master of Orion, and the idea works really well with the dynamic game systems we have developed for Depths of Peril and Din’s Curse.

Read the full monty at GameShark.

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