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Get The Be Mine Indie Game Bundle

Bundles of indie games are all the rage these days, but I won’t complain. Instead, I say suck up as many cheap games as you can and give your money to good causes in the process.

Offered through Groupees, the Be Mine Indie Game Bundle started out with five games and a soundtrack, but thanks to everyone’s contributions, the basket has grown bigger. Even better, the price is Pay What You Want.

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Games: Xotic plus DLC, Sideway New York, Wasteland Angel, Beep, Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals, and the surprise hit from 2010, The Ball.
Music: EPs from Celldweller, Fantomenk, Damage Vault, plus soundtracks for The Ball and Beep.
More: If they hit the goal of $75,000, everyone gets Dream Aquarium. YES!

Now, before any of you cheapskates run off to make a purchase, keep in mind that 20-percent of all proceeds go to Child’s Play.

Get the Be Mine Indie Game Bundle here.

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Brian Rowe

Writer, videographer, and perpetual purveyor of geekdom. Brian has contributed to gaming outlets such as GameShark, GameRevolution, and GameZone, and thinks too many websites have "game" in their titles.

6 thoughts to “Get The Be Mine Indie Game Bundle”

  1. I’m waiting for one of these pay-what-you-want bundles to offer a package completely comprised of RPGs. Then i’ll put down some money.

  2. Yeah, maybe there are too many but they are making the little guys some money and they are benefiting charity so it’s hard to say anything bad about them. I particularly like the ones that have no DRM.

  3. Another Indie Game Bundle. I feel like some of these really lean towards the negative connotation of bundle, like how TV channels in Europe buy bundles of movies, being able to have something great but a lot of crap. Wasteland Angel and Xotic got very negative responses, though I know nothing about The Ball and Beep, which seem okay, since I’ve played things like Rock of Ages and Blocks That Matter, which seems far better. That leaves Sideways New York and the soundtracks. No thanks, I’m still playing previous bundles and Steam deals.

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