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Make Twitter Bird Happy

Twitter Down

Not only is No High Scores rocking a new look, we are launching into Twitter and Facebook. Just follow the little icons up in the navigation bar.

We know, everyone and their mothers, and even grandmothers are dipping into the social media sauce, so space in your feed is limited. That’s why we plan to make friendship worth your while, just in case Todd’s magical smile isn’t enough of an incentive. Follow us, chat with us, praise and berate us, and we will start doing some giveaways to show our appreciation.

Sadly, one person on Facebook (me) does not make for a fun giveaway. Then I’m just buying things for myself.

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Brian Rowe

Writer, videographer, and perpetual purveyor of geekdom. Brian has contributed to gaming outlets such as GameShark, GameRevolution, and GameZone, and thinks too many websites have "game" in their titles.

3 thoughts to “Make Twitter Bird Happy”

  1. i visit this website like 54 times daily and you want me to read what you think about your frequent flyer points? why?

    also, the maths questions are getting hard

    1. Ha! But hey …whatever keeps those spammy gremlins away.

      Seriously we have not tried to sell you folks Ugg Boots in like a week!

      As for missing anything…who knows…maybe.

      Ok Probably not.

      But we’ll keep the feeds linked to the features we run and will post contests on there from time to time.

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