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The Crusader Kings II No High Scores Giveaway Extravaganza!

It’s been a long time since we held a contest here at NoHS and I cannot think of a better game to kick off the new design than Crusader Kings II. I have written extensively about the game here and just published my take over at GameShark. Even with its faults and quirks I remain completely hooked on CK2 and I’d like to get more people on the Crusading bandwagon.

So here’s what I’ve got: 10 (ten) freshly baked Steam codes which I am more than happy to simply give away because I am such a great person.

To enter:

Method #1: Simply leave your Steam user ID in the comment section below. If you really want to be a peach you can leave a comment about the new design and any features you’d like us to implement. We have a lot of stuff “in the hopper” but we’re always open to feedback from you guys.

Method #2: Follow the link to Twitter and give us a retweet. Note that using the Twitter button on the left, handy though it may be, will not enter you in the contest.

Winners will be drawn at random.*

The contest will run until Sunday evening when I write this week’s Sunday Time Waster where I will announce the winners.

Good luck!

*As always, I accept bribes.


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Bill Abner

Bill has been writing about games for the past 16 years for such outlets as Computer Games Magazine, GameSpy, The Escapist, GameShark, and Crispy Gamer. He will continue to do so until his wife tells him to get a real job.

112 thoughts to “The Crusader Kings II No High Scores Giveaway Extravaganza!”

  1. I’ve played the death out of the demo, but can’t quite justify taking time off of my actual medieval studies to play pretend medieval studies. This is the perfect excuse to circumvent that decision. Steam ID is “[email protected]”.

  2. Umm.. I’ve never played a Paradox game, but the stories that Bill & Troy told on the last “Jumping the Shark? Is that what we’re called?” podcast piqued my interest.

    Steam id: epyonmx

    Points in my favor: I spelled piqued correctly. I prefer to bake with whole vanilla beans. I know how to ship baked goods to Ohio.

  3. Steam ID: nicthaninja

    I really don’t have any comments this is a vast improvement over the old way. I kinda liked having an account, but I’m over it.

  4. Here is my Steam ID in two flavors for the Crusader Kings 2 giveaway:



    Site design? I love the use of white. White is clean, breezy and inviting. That said I would go further with the retro-gaming love and change the star scape background to something scifi-ish.

  5. Hey Bill, I’ve got a few top-tier players in OOTP that I could trade to you for eighty cents on the dollar…you know, just saying.

    P.S. Seriously, though, the re-design is very nice. Not sure about the “outer space” background, but the layout is much improved.

    P.P.S. And my Steam ID is OzymandiasAV. Ahem.

  6. It would be nice to play this now, rather than waiting for the inevitable massive Paradox Steam sale. So why not…

    Steam: RipsManifesto

    Suggestion: I suggested this to you before, but I still think bios involving personal perspectives would be interesting. Incorporate the gaming history tree that was posted here before, and maybe some kind of radar graph for preferences. Gives people some basis for where review perspectives are coming from.

    Bribe: Hey we’re in the same damn city. I’ll buy the first round if you want a beer. That’s all I got for bribes though. 😛

  7. Steam Id: dspezzano

    I love the new design and you guys woke me up to some neat plug ins I am going to implement when I do an upgrade in a bit.

    I’d love to see a html5 player so I could listen to the podcast right from the page.

  8. Steam Id: snoozerling

    It’s been circulated before but maybe setting up a NHS group on Steam or gaming events with the community. For the website design, I can’t say what to add or change, it looks nice and crisp.

    Oh, and more Poland!

  9. Steam ID: altanneteropptatt
    Huge history nerd and this game looks fantastic.
    feedback: Everything is alot better. the only small improvement I can suggest is a “leave a comment” link at the bottom of each article for those that does not have “continue reading”. Just abit strange clicking at the top of the article to read/leave comments.

  10. So, not having a Steam or Twitter account, I shall have to resort to bribery. What would you like? 😉

    (I suppose I *could* get a Twitter account, but a re-tweet that no-one will see seems like it’s not quite in the spirit of the contest….)

  11. Love the new layout honestly. The improvements you all have been making over the last few months have been amazing.

    Steam ID: [OTG] Zeolas

  12. love the new look! not much more to say about that, really.
    now let’s go crusading, shall we?

    Steam ID: ArtyArt

  13. Steam ID: billt721

    The redesign looks nice, but I read all of your stuff via RSS, so I almost never actually see what the site looks like.

  14. I only post in contests or to thank Michael for its great iOS recommandations, and I don’t buy my Paradox Games until they are on those crazy sales, so I obviously am not worth playing that wonderful game this early. Though I can’t wait to set things straight with William the Conqueror. Normandy duchy and the English crown at the same time? Oh, he is gonna have to choose!

    Steam ID is lordsennin

    And thank you a whole lot for letting us read the articles directly from the RSS feed on portable devices!

    (Seeing as you can decline Chinese basketball millionaire coaching jobs, I am at a loss at how to bribe you.)

  15. Steam ID: triggercut1

    I like the re-design of the site, but I’m really excited about the direction of the podcast as well. Hate that Danielle is off of it, but understand about her schedule and life.

    Willing to throw in a boxed set of rules/books for CHILL as a bribe if necessary, and/or willing to whine for Bill to review the latest incarnation of Gallop Racer for fellow fans of the Sport of Kings…

  16. You can tell the original Steam subscribers because they have email addresses for IDs; those late-comers got proper usernames.

    [email protected]

    The email doesn’t work anymore; I’m not even sure the DOMAIN works anymore (the company was floundering last I saw), but sadly I can’t update my Steam ID. Luckily it’s just cosmetic now.

    I’m new here. Hi. Just followed a link from PAR-The Cut. Like what I see so far. As for the game… I’m always for good turn based strategy games, so I’d like to check it out.

  17. New layout looks good, but the font is a bit on the thin side, harder to make out in Chrome. A beefier font would make my happy.

    And Steam ID:Furfuris

  18. CK2 you say, color me very interested.

    Steam id: millertime059

    Love the new site design. That I can now view on my iPhone without having to constantly refresh due to frames not rendering correctly is huge.

  19. My steam contact is Aztiel.

    I like the new design but am a little confused about logging in. It seems to load faster for me.

    That said, the galaxy background seems like an odd choice.

  20. If possible to bring back the “new comment” option,but without registering now can’t see how will work.Still liked it very much.

    steam ID: theblackadderbg

  21. Steam ID: Ajax19

    The new design is good. I haven’t written a lengthy comment yet, so I have yet to give the old spam filter a proper test drive. Oh, how the old spam filter hated me so.

    I once tried to play one of the Europa Universalis games. It looked awesome, but I just sat there baffled beyond belief. I had no clue what to do or what was going on. Every time I read someone’s write up of their “Crusader Kings” game it sound amazing, but that learning curve…

  22. steamID:superslug

    I like the new site a lot. A button at the top that moves to the comment box all the way down here might be cool.

  23. Steam Account Name = dragomort

    Or did you really want the Steam ID? – “SteamID refers to your Steam account’s unique numeric identifier. ” “SteamID example: STEAM_0:1:1234567”

    That would require me to look it up at home…. otherwise the same with an for email or if it helps more. Now you can’t fail to inform me of my near-future inevitable winnings!

    Redesign is all good as far as I have seen and I’d say it’s a wide improvement in most every way if it’s easier to manage as you’ve implied. Although I do miss the actual pseudo-high score entry on the top Could go in-depth on the potential pluses and minuses I guess, but I ramble too much anyhow and the bottom line is it’s easier to work with and better to navigate with easy room to expand into, so it’s a positive in all the ways that matter and then some. The only thing to maybe worry about is creating the standard constant sense of community via the readers, which many sites offer in things like forums or steam groups. -You could’ve offered this as a reward to a random 10 people to join up in your steam group that would write about their experience with the game for example to feature it as a report :p

  24. I like the new design! It is clean, crisp. I don’t know anything about web design, but I know what I like.

    Steam id: ionwizard (or AND_)

  25. So first you get me interested in the game, then you get me to try the demo. And now one day after I ordered the game you decide to give out copies for free? Curse you Abner! ;P

  26. Todd > Bill

    How’s that for my entry? (j/k I don’t need the game. I already own it. However, I stand behind my statement. ;))

  27. Hey, I love the new layout. I’m usually not a fan of changing layouts just because I get so used to things, but all in all, a good move for the site.

    SteamID: wagman1804

  28. I like how this website is a lot more interconnected. How you can click on an author and get more features by them.

    Steam ID : IntangibleFate

  29. My steam ID is IsaiahT. Hooray consistent online presence!

    As for site comments: it is super mobile unfriendly at the moment. Besides scrolling being bad, the social media thing on the left pops over the text. Boo.

    Also would love a more solid indicator of when an article continues after a jump. Right now it’s not very clear all the time.

    Love the site’s content.

  30. It has been awhile since the last contest, which I didn’t win, or any other contest before it. But here’s to tryin’!

    Love the new look guys, you are my source for the best commentary on my favorite hobby!

    Oh yeah,
    Steam id: beuks33

  31. SteamID: WillFight4Beer

    Really digging the new design, much easier to read. Maybe move all the social network stuff from the non-moving side of the article to the bottom, that’s about it.

  32. Design: very welcoming and easy to use, the Spacey background is flabbergasting, makes me want to listen to some spacey krautrock. all in all, the site feels very retro, and not in a pretentious kind of way, but in a native, very good kind of way.

    Shabbat Shalom!

    Steam ID: Mafiozo

  33. wandering taoist is my Steam ID. I was only passing by but I have to say I like the site a lot.

  34. The new site looks great. Always love reading your latest posts.
    One thing I might mention though is where are your lists? I seem to remember seeing a page on the site that had lists of each staff member’s favorite games.

    If I just made that up, then it would be a nice feature to add!

    Steam ID: SteelyE

  35. New design is quite nice but ultimately irrelevant: keep producing good content and I’ll keep coming back! Alternately, a free game will produce the same result.

    SteamID: bmanula

  36. Site design? I’m really more a content guy, move this onto USENET and I’ll read it there. If the admin is easier for more people, that’s a good thing, because then Ms. Riendeau uses her time budget saying interesting things about twee platformers instead of animating stirring straws for Mr. Abner’s profile. And administration that keeps Mr. Brakke from actually playing games helps reinforce his podcast persona.

    Steam ID: tj_eckleburg

    Best of luck to one and all.

  37. Steam ID: DeltaWorld

    I personally haven’t played any Paradox game although I have bought the Paradox pack a few months ago but just haven’t had the chance to play any of them. This has given me some motivation to have a look at the King Arthur RolePlaying game.. and looking forward to winning the Crusader Kings II game too.

  38. Steam ID: Dazlious, STEAM_0:0:6189862

    And I like the fact that the new site design handles paging forwards and backwards much better now.

  39. SteamID: antigravity145
    Loving the new design, but I kind of miss the ticker across the top of the screen that showed recent posts.

  40. Steam: rushed98

    Really cool site. Came over here from the PA Report (I’m so unique!) and it’s made me put you guys on my radar. I can’t comment on the design, but keep up the good writing!

  41. Steam ID : sandunen

    Was wondering why my rss feed for your site was working, bam, new site looking awesome!

  42. In!

    As for the site, I LOVE the new look, the lack of spam, and the easier commenting as well as the easier tracking of articles. AND it now looks great on my android.

    You guys remain in my daily rotation. Keep up the superb work.

  43. steam id – sommac

    like the site redesign alot – like I needed another reason to come back here almost every day!

  44. steam ID: 4683120

    I don’t know how almost everyone here seems to have something other than a number for their Steam ID. Anyhow, I’m pretty sure that one I listed above is mine (PITA to get, BTW. Anyway, why ask for such a stupid thing?). Anyway, I DO like the new design. Not saying that just to win, but this site seems a LOT nicer than it was at the beginning.

  45. from what I’d seen of the second CK, I really wasn’t willing to shell out for it – but I’m still curious about it. I know that if a copy showed up gratis for ‘mattlohkamp’ on steam, I’d try the hell out of it.

  46. I love how this site is growing, and it’s growing in the right directions. Just wish I had more time to participate and comment.
    Well, I am commenting now and since I have the Easter break coming up I would love to have a nice, and free, game to spend my time with in that time.
    SteamID: tierischesplankton

  47. Steam ID: Ravenlock

    I dig the look! No High Scores is always a favorite thing to see content from in my RSS reader.

  48. Steam: [GWJ] 4dSwissCheese
    I love hearing the crazy stories from people playing this. As to the new look of the blog, I definitely prefer it to the old new look. In particular, the default font is much better. Though it’s a good thing someone linked to this post from GWJ – the update changed where the RSS feed is, and I hadn’t noticed yet that I wasn’t getting your posts in Google Reader.

  49. Steam ID: lordumbra314

    After the coverage of this game on No High Scores and RPS, I have been thinking about Crusader Kings II, wondering whether I should take the plunge. A free copy would certainly do the trick. =p

    As for site design- definitely put the comment box at the top, rather than at the bottom of all the comments. Otherwise I am pretty happy with No High Scores as is.

  50. – I really like McKay’s idea of expanding upon author’s preferences when doing reviews.
    – Podcast player embedded in the site. On the “to-do” list.
    – Social media bar on the left, doesn’t seem to be a fan favorite.
    – Working on an option to register for those people who want to avoid the captcha.

  51. steam ID: 0ixil0
    I’m going to feel obligated to stop lurking now that I’ve posted here

    The new site is great, but I also don’t like the social bar on the left.

    1. i also would like to have the edit comment function and an additional add comment link from the main site (the one in the header is quite small)

  52. Steam ID: rogueagent5
    As for site design, I had a little trouble finding the comment functionality as well.

  53. SteamID: Albax11
    My friends have been angging at me to get this game. They described it as Game of Thrones, but better.

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