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Operation Raccoon City Gets Nemesis Mode

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Nemesis Mode

This next trailer is a bit confusing. So, you’re telling me that I get to ‘play as’ a Nemesis or ‘have one’ on my team? As a Resident Evil fan from day-one, there is a HUGE difference.

Oh, and sorry PS3 people. You get the big old shaft this time around, since Nemesis Mode is Xbox 360-exclusive. Who knows, perhaps you’ll get Licker Mode. We all should know by now that Capcom will give each system an exclusive mode, open it up for cross-console sales later, and then make up some lame excuse about how it wasn’t possible at launch.

*Ahem* I’m looking at you Mercenaries Mode. 76KB ‘download’ my butt. Anywho, catch the trailer after the break.

YouTube video

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One thought to “Operation Raccoon City Gets Nemesis Mode”

  1. Thank you Capcom for taking the option of buying the game out of my hands by stiffing PS3 users, I’m just about done with Capcom anyway why should I buy something when I know the ultimate/complete/Billy big bollocks editions always come a year later?

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