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War of the Roses First Gameplay Trailer

YouTube video

Paradox has unveiled the first bits of gameplay footage for War of the Roses, the company’s upcoming online medieval battle sim. This looks incredibly Mount & Bladey, eh?

Todd got a hands on look at this one when he flew out to Sweden for the Big Paradox Convention (party). He had this to say then:

An online-focused game of authentic medieval combat set in the dynastic civil war era of 15th century England in which the houses of Lancaster and York fought for the country’s throne. It features over 60 faithfully rendered weapons spread among 15 weapon classes. Armors, including light, medium, and heavy variants, are highly modable to give each player a unique look. Horses, both armored and unarmored, are included and require strategy adjustments on the battlefield. A five category perk system lets players specialized in specific combat roles (offensive, defensive, support, etc.).

Paradox producer and director of business development, Shams Jorjani, without hesitation, said this game is “going to be one of the best online combat multiplayer games ever released.” And, certainly, it fulfills Paradox’s stated goal of not trying to out-feature other games, but instead focus on one gameplay component and execute on it. In that vein, this is the dream game for fans of the multiplayer piece of Mount & Blade: Warband.

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3 thoughts to “War of the Roses First Gameplay Trailer”

  1. Someone should just hand Paradox the Game of Thrones license and say ‘Go nuts!”, because it’s pretty obvious after this and Crusader Kings 2 that nobody could do it more justice…

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