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Fancy a Free Copy of Vessel?

Vessel is the dashing new physics-based platformer from Strange Loop Games. While our full review is forthcoming, we can already say that you’ll want to get your hands on Vessel, and we’re here to help.

We have five Steam keys for the full game in need of good homes, and two chances for you to win. Follow the instructions below, cross your fingers, and enter by Sunday, March 18, 8pm (EST).

YouTube video

Remember, you can use both options to enter for two chances to win:

Option 1 – Leave a comment below along with your unique Steam identity, so we know where to send the code.

Option 2 – Use this link to Twitter (not the Tweet button on the side), follow @NoHighScores, and retweet. Why is this important? Because, more Twitter followers equals more readers, and that means more awesome giveaways like this one.

We’ll pick five winners at random, and once again, the deadline to enter is Sunday, March 18, 8pm (EST).

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Brian Rowe

Writer, videographer, and perpetual purveyor of geekdom. Brian has contributed to gaming outlets such as GameShark, GameRevolution, and GameZone, and thinks too many websites have "game" in their titles.

43 thoughts to “Fancy a Free Copy of Vessel?”

  1. “Oh my, another contest!”

    Definitely, and if you folks can help us make this one a success, there will be plenty more to come. Think of it as our way of saying “thanks” for coming around day after day.

  2. jak851

    I was thinking about buying it, but then I remembered I have to move soon so I probably shouldn’t spend any money

  3. I’ll leave a comment, but I’d prefer not to openly publish my Steam ID. Should you happen to draw my name (assuming I have not already disqualified myself), I will happily respond via email with my ID.

  4. Wicked game. Makes me think of Bastion and Limbo, both of which I enjoy thoroughly. My good friend Brian we need to hang out more!


    steam id

  5. Steam ID: garion333

    Retweeted away as more of my friends show come here, for sure. Thanks for doing more contests. The CKII one was amazing. So many codes for such a great game.

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