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The Walking Dead Trailer is Juicy

YouTube video

So what is the verdict here? Are you up for another zombie game, or have you just about hit overkill? Is Telltale the right developer to pull this off?

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Brian Rowe

Writer, videographer, and perpetual purveyor of geekdom. Brian has contributed to gaming outlets such as GameShark, GameRevolution, and GameZone, and thinks too many websites have "game" in their titles.

3 thoughts to “The Walking Dead Trailer is Juicy”

  1. I’m up for any zombie game that wants to be more than just “Kill a bunch of zombies”. That said, after Jurassic Park, it may be wise to wait for a review.

    1. I agree. I love zombies. I love video games. I am not close to zombie fatigue in video games, so long as the video game is decent. “Left 4 Dead” nailed down the whole “kill a bunch of zombies” thing. It’s perfect for that.

      Games like “Project Zombie” and the (possibly) upcoming “Dead State” and, perhaps, this game I am very much eager for assuming they are good.

  2. ‘Is Telltale the right developer to pull this off?’

    That’s the question isn’t it? Wait and see…

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