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Hunters 2: Turn Based Tactical Strategy on iOS

YouTube video

This looks like it’s right in the old wheelhouse, doesn’t it? Rodeo Games has released Hunters 2, its tactical turn based strategy game which looks inspired by Space Hulk. At least that’s how I choose to look at it. Watch the video to get a good taste for what the gameplay is like.

There’s also a smorgasbord of screenshots to gaze upon — and they look pretty slick. This is ripped from the website but this should get the juices flowing:

Fully customise your team of Hunters, choose from over 100 different weapons, armour, equipment and talent options to create a personal army tailor made to suit your style of play.

Play through the story-driven campaign mode with your team and discover the story of Caius Black. Unlock and play as Caius Black with dual wielded weapons and custom armour.

Even after you’ve completed the campaign mode you’ll get additional content every day. You’ll receive a set of contracts direct to the Bridge of your Spaceship, which you’ll have 24 real time hours to complete.

And we’re downloading…

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5 thoughts to “Hunters 2: Turn Based Tactical Strategy on iOS”

  1. The first one was really good but it felt like it was missing huge swaths of options, content, and potential. Rodeo promised all of this stuff to be added on, but never delivered. Now there’s Hunters 2, which makes me leary of buying into it. Very tempted. Stop tempting. Where’s that iPad? Oh wait, I can just buy it on my phone…

    God damn it, I wish that Teardown.SE’s bootleg Space Hulk implementation were on IOS with async.

    In the meantime, Battle Academy might the best TBS on IOS…it’s DEFINITELY the most complete, deep, and comprehensive. Review next week.

    1. Ditto. The first title was fun but suffered very badly from a lack of variety or story mode to keep you engaged. Sure all the levels looked different but the game play, initially thrilling, got repetitive and stale fast. And all this stuff was promised in updates that never arrived and that makes me not want to buy this. Partly because now i don’t believe it will deliver what it promises and partly because I feel I should have this stuff in the app I already pay fir. The moral: Don’t make promises you xsn’t keep

  2. [swearing redacted]. I refuse to get sucked into the Apple ecosystem. And yet… and yet, the stuff I’m hearing about iPad gaming suggests that it’s the best of the current generation consoles. I think if the iPad had a 3 year lifespan, instead of the 18 month lifespan that I’ve seen, I’d probably jump on it.

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