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Nightfall Trailers

YouTube video

Playdek sent over a fresh batch of Nightfall trailers this afternoon, leading me to believe that the release of this one is tantalizingly close. Man, I hope it doesn’t come out when I’m at Disney. That would be…awkward.

The first trailer is a gameplay trailer, and while I’m sure that those familiar with the game know what’s going on, I sure as heck don’t. That’s to be expected, though. When my wife watches me play Ascension, she doesn’t believe me when I say how easy it is to pick up.

The second trailer shows some of the options available for the game, including the ability to view cards outside of the game and the ability to change the music and the game speed. Nothing too out of the ordinary if you’ve spent any time poking around the options in Ascension.

YouTube video

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3 thoughts to “Nightfall Trailers”

  1. Pretty stoked about this one, I have to admit. I’ve never played Nightfall but I keep hearing that it’s the one game that might cure my indifference to deckbuilers. This app seems like a great way to find that out without investing in a physical copy.

  2. Something else for Brandon to skunk me at…

    How you won that last game when I was swarming all those mechana constructs I do not know!

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