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Game of Thrones “Epic Plot” Trailer

YouTube video

So here’s another video for Game of Thrones, the Cyanide/Focus Home/Atlus rpg production set in the world of incestuous blonde people. The text that accompanies this trailer announcement is incredibly adept at using a lot of words to say very little.

This new trailer will immerse you in the heart of the intrigue of the Game of Thrones RPG, a story tainted by treachery and backstabbing! Guided by vengeance, allegiance, honor and family, the two heroes of the game – Mors, sworn brother of the Night’s Watch, and the red priest Alester – will travel across Westeros and its most famous locales to accomplish life-changing quests. From the Wall to King’s Landing, the destiny of our two heroes weaves a complex tale as they meet famous figures, discover plots and conspiracies, all the while seeking answers to their questions.


I’m going to play this, don’t get me wrong, but Cyanide…the gun is getting empty. How many bullets does this company have left?

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Bill Abner

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7 thoughts to “Game of Thrones “Epic Plot” Trailer”

  1. We are of of one mind on Cyanide. I think they are a pretty much a bunch of hacks. They seem to waver somewhere between incompetence and laziness. Based on their “work” on “Blood Bowl”, as a studio they are as useless as nipples on a breastplate. The Others can take them.

    I was very disappointed the moment my main man, George RR, announced on his “Not a Blog” that Cyanide had “won” the rights to make computer games based on his work. So far, that disappointment has been warranted.

    If general impressions of the game are good enough, I will likely pick it up during some Steam sale down the line.

  2. I think Blood Bowl is pretty solid. Sure the AI is terrible. But do people play Blood Bowl against the AI more than long enough to learn how the mechanics work?

    1. Blood Bowl is pretty solid because Blood Bowl, the board game, is solid. Porting it over to a PC platform should be very easy. Everything Cyanide tried to implement, however, was a disaster. The AI was beyond horrible. The whole “career” system with promotions and money and all of that was broken. The computer didn’t actually simulate games, it just generated a random score, some random injuires, assigned random spps and then assigned random special abilities. Pretty much every aspect of any possible single-player mode was broken.

      The match-making system and interface with that eternal spinning coin that finds matches and then loses them for no reason was horrible.

      That standard camera that the game resets to every time you start is horrible. The announcing gets repetitive after one game.

      Pretty much everything that’s solid about Blood Bowl comes from the work Games Workshop – and the Blood Bowl community – put into the game.

      Cyanide had a very strong, solid foundation to build on and totally flubbed it. There was such potential for both a great single player and multi-player experience. Sadly, Cyanide really only produced a decent multi-player experience.

      That said, I feel like I got my money’s worth. I enjoyed the hell out of the single-player game for a couple of weeks until I started to see all the cracks and flaws. And, despite the clunky interface and sometimes lengthy waits to actually find a match and have it start, I played a lot of multi-player and usually had fun, rage quitters aside.

  3. Well I’m already a little put off by the writing. Hearing that character say “you son of a bitch” completely took me out of that universe. I’m on the 4th book now and really that dialogue doesn’t match at all.

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