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Imperium Galactica II Released to App Store

Well, how about that. Here I was expecting the usual cavalcade of fake retro 8-Bit bullshit, cutesy-poo single-mechanic physics games, and freemium scams to turn up on the App Store this week and out pops Imperium Galactica II. This is a real-time 4x space game that was released on PC in 1999 by Digital Reality, the Hungarian geniuses behind Sine Mora. I was too busy being in a terrible relationship to check it out when it was new and $50. Now I’m happily married and I can pick it up for the budget price of $3.99. I just downloaded it and took a look around, I have no idea what’s going on but the interface is bad ass and the graphics look pretty good if a little muddy. There is no retina support, and it’s iPad only.

You know, I despise many of the current trends in the video games business. But putting the great PC games of the 1990s onto the iPad is something I can definitely get behind. Now let’s see Age of Wonders, Imperialism II, Star Control 2, Planescape: Torment, Total Annihilation, Dungeon Keeper 2…

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Michael Barnes

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6 thoughts to “Imperium Galactica II Released to App Store”

  1. I still have the PC version (and strategy guide) on a bookshelf in my attic. Let me know if you have any questions

  2. Yes please to Age of Wonders. I’d also take a real port of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 over Palm Heroes.

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