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Legend of Grimrock’s Successful Launch and Patch Notes

It’s been slow-going (a longer story that I may or may not write about later), but I’ve been dutifully plugging an hour here and an hour there into the new PC RPG, Legend of Grimrock (which I keep calling “Grimlock,” for reasons passing understanding). If you were a fan of games like Eye of the Beholder from back in the day, this one’s definitely worth a look, especially if you’re interested in a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl that isn’t just following a path from point A to point B.

Fans of the game will be glad to know that it’s been such a successful launch that it managed to show up as Steam’s top seller for awhile there. You can read the full details at the Grimrock Blog, but suffice it to say they’ve already covered their development costs “many time over,” and are hard at work on the game’s first patch (v1.1.4), which should arrive any day now and cover the following assorted fixes:

– vsync is enabled by default
– borderless windows are no longer topmost
– pressing ESC closes character sheet
– fixed unlimited frost arrow exploit
– bug fix: topmost menu item don’t work reliably in 2560×1440 resolution
– bug fix: wall text translations are not dismissed when right-clicking
– bug fix: inanimate objects can be backstabbed
– bug fix: projectiles go through doors in some very rare cases
– improved display resolution auto-detection at first launch
– fixed a couple of typos
– removed check that disables high texture resolution setting when running low on video memory (some graphics drivers seem to report available video memory incorrectly)

My fellow arachnophobes are hereby warned that the spiders are creepy as all get out. More to come!

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Todd Brakke

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10 thoughts to “Legend of Grimrock’s Successful Launch and Patch Notes”

    1. Me too. It looks like such a natural fit for the platform that I can’t believe they’d pass on the opportunity for the port. But it could be a long wait: I can’t imagine there’s an easy route direct between PC and iPad.

      Also, does that screenshot remind anyone else of Stonekeep?

  1. The very first game I ever beta tested was Dungeon Master for the Atari ST. Grimrock captures the feeling in spades with updated graphics and devious puzzles. Definitely worth the $15 or so it costs.

  2. I’m not even afraid of spiders and there were a couple of times I’d round a corner, get a face full of spider, and about leap out of my chair.

    1. Me too! The lighting effects are really nice for the way the game works. I’ll go for a while thinking “oh, I don’t need to keep a torch lit, I’ll be fine” …but get more surprises that way, too.

  3. For whatever resaon, I never liked games like “Eye of The Beholder.” I loved the “gold box” D&D games, Ultima (I-V), Bards Tale, Wasteland and others, but I just never liked the interface or combat in games like “Grimrock.”

    I have to keep reminding myself that to keep from buying this.

  4. “bug fix: inanimate objects can be backstabbed”

    How did that even work? I better try that before the patch.

  5. You just had me go re-check my story and I had done the same thing LOL. I blame it on using the iPad to type it.

  6. Need to read some reviews on this one. Just how “old” school is it?

    I mean I loved those old games but I dont need to play another ’80s type dungeon crawl. Did they modernize it at all gameplay wise?

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