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God of War: Ascension Screenshots

Just to follow up Brandon’s thoughts on this amazing announcement that Sony is adding multiplayer to God Of War, here’s some new screenshots. They are rather pretty.

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Bill Abner

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6 thoughts to “God of War: Ascension Screenshots”

  1. Yeah, good graphics. Now if they can just a hire writers to do something other than a turgid “I hate you daddy/I hate you god” extreme in-your-face vengeance of the hollering MMA meathead storyline and get a character other than fucking Kratos in there and there may be something worth looking at.

    1. I wish that was the case… but why change now when they could just cash in on the formula. Instead of going the prequel route, why not move on to a different mythology? I mean, if we want to talk about warring gods and an excuse for a blood bath why not pull some Aztec stuff out??? People will kill me, but why not go with some Lovecraftian type lore? Cthulhu saves the world mashed up with God Of War… Shit, I’d by that…

      1. How about Norse, tell me you wouldn’t love to play through Ragnarok. Thor vs Jormungand, Odin vs Fenrir. A quality adaptation would get me interested.

        Or how about Celtic. You could make a damn fine game out of the legend of Cuchulain or the voyage of Maldun.

        So many great mythologies, and they are content to butcher Greece instead.

        1. If they could do it right, Norse would be great… if not well, just play Too Human…

          Seriously though… I think they have reached the fatigue point with Kratos for me with the Greek mythology… It’s reached the Assassin’s Creed Ezio arch. It was a great character, but the lack of new, meaningful mechanics and the games being so closely related finally wore me out on the universe. I hope the new setting will get my back into it. That’s why I’d like to see a universe change here.

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