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Company of Heroes 2 is Official…We’re Pretty Sure

Hoo boy now this is some good news from the land of THQ. Company of Heroes is one of my favorite RTS games and it always seemed odd that a full-on sequel was never made because that’s just what this industry does and then people like me complain about how all we ever get are sequels. But this is one that I actually wanted.

A chap over at the NeoGAF forums posted a scan of the latest PC Gamer with Company of Heroes 2 on the cover. Eurogamer picked up this story and now it’s buzzing everywhere.

Details are few but it sounds like it’s Eastern Front and that Relic is developing. A target release is 2013.

(oh yeah that image header is from the original..)

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Bill Abner

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14 thoughts to “Company of Heroes 2 is Official…We’re Pretty Sure”

  1. Get me some god dam homeworld or Battlefleet Gothic since you guys love the 40k universe. But’s I need a space RTS fix so f’n bad.(I will be buying the new SOASE) but nothing compares to Homeworld.

    (also I will be buy the new company of heroes because it is awesome.)

  2. CoH is pretty much the one franchise where I absolutely would not care if there was a title every year. I used to play Close Combat when I was little, and CoH has been the only RTS since then that has captured that “You’re in command at the squad/platoon/company(duh) level.” The care and the detail in that game is amazing

    Seriously, CoH: Iwo, CoH: North Africa, and CoH: Italy/Sicily need, nay, demand to be made.

    /Still waiting on HW3, though….

  3. “I used to play Close Combat when I was little”

    I played that game a lot.

    …in college..


    1. High School for me.

      A Bridge Too Far remains one of my favorite real time strategy games ever.

      *tips hat to the Heroic bravery of one corporal whose final action destroyed that infernal German tank*

  4. Fantastic. I still fire this up every week.

    The Russians will need to have like 10 men in a rifle squad but an effectiveness of 1. Add a Comisar and then it gets fun…

  5. Sounds like they are ripping off the Imperial Guard with that Russian faction. GW lawyers might be looking into this.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I loved CoH, and I love Dawn of War, and I love Relic. But I don’t know if I really want to play another WWII game. Couldn’t they have done really amazing things with CoH in another war? I’ll still buy it, almost certainly, but will be less excited.

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