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Road to Enlightenment: Kickstarter Alert

This definitely one of those “full disclosure” circumstances.

Road to Enlightenment is a boardgame from Dirk Knemeyer and Conquistador Games. I have playtested this game multiple times, I enjoy it a great deal and I want to see it succeed because not only is RtE a really slick boardgame but Dirk Knemeyer is a personal friend of mine. And not one of those “I know him on the Internet” type of friends but a real life flesh and bone I play games with him twice a month friend. Dirk lives about 20 minutes from my house.

Road to Enlightenment has evolved a great deal from the first time I played it. I had a lot of conversations with him about adding a board (the first prototype I saw was almost strictly a card game) and Dirk would go home and whip up a new prototype in like a day. He’s a terribly bright man.

Although that image up top makes RtE look like a hardcore wargame I can assure you it is not that at all. The game combines elements of deckbuilding, card drafting, above table negotiation, wargame grand strategy, and money management. You can read the rules here in PDF format. (37 megs)

Anyway, RtE is coming out regardless of this Kickstarter project. You are not backing a promise with this — this game exists and will cone out regardless of Kickstarter.

I can’t wait to see the finished game. I did see those swanky coins the other day. Production value is not an issue. I’m so happy to see Dirk’s vision come full circle. I hope he knocks it out of the park.

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