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34 thoughts to “Loving Me Some Diablo III — In My Mind”

  1. lol. I think they’re just waiting for me to get off of work before letting people play. Awfully nice of them.

      1. Yeah, sorry Bill. I get off at 5pm though, and should be able to play around 6:30-7pm. Try again around then.

  2. I bet you could hear a million servers screaming in terror at midnight, when everyone tried to log in at once.

  3. I wasn’t even considering trying D3 until this weekend.

    I just hope the Starcraft 2 servers are OK.

  4. Golly gee, Batman! I sure am glad they have enforced online connectivity for this single player game! Those dirty pirates have no idea what kind of fun they’re missing out on! Who needs an actual functioning game when you can have 315300 errors?! The future sure is neato!

    Fuck. You. Blizzard.

      1. I agree that the tweet makes sense, superficially, but it ignores the reality that Blizzard actively encourages and breeds that sort of myopic fandom. They’re being burnt by the fire they started.

        I’ll probably wait until next week to give it a whirl. Also, where are the reviews for this thing? How long is the embargo on this game, or were advance copies not even provided to the press?

        1. Oh I dunno. They didn’t start the fire — it was always burning, since the world’s been turning.

        2. Meh, I feel no great need to play Diablo III. If it’s anything like its predecessors it’s overly repetitive, a rouge-like with all the challenge and tactics removed. And the DRM issue makes me now actively want to avoid it, so as to not give publishers the impression that this sort of crap is acceptable. It isn’t.

          1. This and also this.

            I have Torchlight 2 coming, I am content.

            The only way companies care is if you do not buy product. I know Blizzard won’t care but they aren’t getting a dime of my money on this one.

    1. The real kicker will be when pirates crack the game with a server emulator or some such thing. The pirates will be able to play the singleplayer game that legit customers were unable to.

  5. Oh boy way to stick it to pirates Blizzard. I admire the fact that you hate them so much you were willing to make it so nobody could play D3.

    Though wouldn’t it be ironic if the pirates had cracked the protocols D3 used, and they were the only ones who could play? (I don’t know that this has happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised)

  6. Did anyone really not see this coming? I’m sure it will be fixed by tomorrow night. In the meantime Diablo gets more press. “Look how many people want to play! The servers are jammed!” The same thing happened with SC2 and it was fixed within 24 hours.

  7. I really hate these ‘event games’, when it’s a game I’d like to actually play. Of course, if it was an offline game, as it should have been, then we have no problem. But that’s craziness, I realize.

    1. That’s why I’m glad I have less than 0 interest in this game. Makes this furor amusing to me, rather than sad/ maddening.

      1. Yeah, in almost every case I’m right with you, but I bit my lip and went ahead and bought this one. I actually had it running earlier, but I had a comp lockup, and now I am stuck on initializing. I remember the good old days of spending four hours getting a game to run in DOS or Win3.1. But at least when you got it to run, it would run.

        I suppose I will get my moral revenge when Rockstar releases their next GTA crapfest, and I get to stand removed and laugh at all the “omg 10! 10! 10!!!!!!!!” reviews that come out the first week of release.

  8. Ok been playing for about an hour. My specific error was fixable by doing some net research. Bizarre…but I’m in.

    1. When not having technical issues, I like it a lot. It’s a lot like D2, so anyone who liked that game should like this. Virtually all my complaints can be directly attributed to this being an online all the time game. Go figure?

      I have had numerous lockups, but I’m sure that’s my system. I’m using an ancient video card, and I should check the drivers.

  9. It probably has something to do with your IRQ settings or possibly your Sound Blaster driver. Maybe you should buy another stick of RAM or a new 3DFX card. Or it could wind up being like the ten or fifteen PC games that I bought back in the day that I could NEVER get to run.

    (Returns to playing Witcher 2…on console)

    1. Ah IRQ conflicts, I remember most of those that I ran into were caused by the external 1x CD-ROM that was plugged into the serial port on my Sound Blaster card that I bought specifically to play the very first Warcraft game. If you guys run it on IRQ port 5 that should clear things up, if not try port 7. Blizzard comes full circle.

    2. 3DFX?!?! Good lord, when did you last touch the inside of a PC, tell me, was it when flares were fashionable, were they still making cars using an etch-a-sketch and a ruler with that uniquely awful US suspension quality where the car rocks for about an hour after you get out?

  10. Voting with my wallet, sorry Blizzard. Not buying a game that needs to be online when all I want to do is play solo. FAR too many games in this genre to have to play this one.

    Hell I am still playing Din’s Curse once a week.

    It will still sell millions but Bob Fett will not be one of them.

    1. Yeah, this game sounds really awesome. I have yet to see a review or someone saying “playing now, digging it!”

      Torchlight, FTW.

      1. I was playing 6 hours ago and digging it, but haven’t been able to get on since then. 😀

        For people who want to play the game, but who aren’t in a hurry, it’ll probably be in good shape in a month or two. But so far, I’d say it’s been a fiasco. And an entirely predictable fiasco.

          1. Because fighting to get online to play the singleplayer component makes utter and perfect sense and there’s no possible logical argument that might, for instance, run that a singleplayer option would negate the need for these insane measures and allow people to oh I don’t know – enjoy the game they purchased on the day they purchased it.

            Ahm jus’sayin

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