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Mice & Mystics- Coming from Plaid Hat Games

Plaid Hat Games, the folks that gave us the great Summoner Wars (“wretched”- Tom W. Chick) are preparing a new title called Mice & Mystics that has become my #1 most anticipated game- even though it’s a co-op and I am co-opped out. What I’m drawn to in this game the most is that it’s not the typical worn-out, post-Tolkien fantasy setting and there’s an emphasis on narrative. It’s also apparently more of a family-friendly game (listed as ages 7+), with the focus on story, drama, and adventure rather than on rules, depth and strategy. I’m OK with that.

It’s being billed as a adventure game with a focus on storylines and something called the “Cheese System” that must be amazing, and obviously it looks like it takes a couple of pages from the Secret of NIMH/Redwall/Mouse Guard playbook with field mice heroes fighting against evil cats, cockroaches, spiders, and so forth. A couple of early eyewitness reports are claiming that there are 11 story-driven adventures in the box and that they are sort of one-shot deals. But Plaid Hat seems to be grooming this title to be an ongoing concern, so expansions are likely. You’ve got to see the miniatures.

Plaid Hat is running a preorder special, you can get it for 33% off retail plus you get a couple of promo cards.

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Michael Barnes

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2 thoughts to “Mice & Mystics- Coming from Plaid Hat Games”

  1. Wow, a lot of that seems heavily derived from Mouse Guard.

    Not a bad thing, but I am prepping to run the MG RPG on Monday coming and even the presentation with the verses reminds me of the headings in the chapters in the sourcebook.

    I will hope this is a neat addition though

  2. Game looks awesome. Seems to be kind of a more story-driven Ravenloft type game. Will be pre-ordering for sure.

    I also need to grab a copy of Dungeon Run before the standalone expansion comes out.

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