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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Base Building Trailer

YouTube video

A huge part of XCOM is what goes on outside of a mission — the goings on at XCOM HQ. This trailer shows off how this is all going to work inside the new version set to to release in October.

This looks great, but I’m hoping we can switch to each room quickly. After a while those neat visuals could get in the way if it’s not handled properly. Still, the details provided in the trailer are very encouraging.

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Bill Abner

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3 thoughts to “XCOM: Enemy Unknown Base Building Trailer”

  1. I get the impression that they just want the pause menu to move. I wonder if the people who didn’t like the idea of going to just one base will feel differently when they see how much more effort Firaxis put into making bases less static.

  2. Man this game looks amazing. I hope it’s gonna be good and rakes in tons of critical praise and sells millions.

  3. I went to highschool with one of the guys in the video, Garth Deangelis. Weird seeing him in this fashion. Weird, but epicly amazing.

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