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Let’s Play “Guess the RPG”

See that mohawked, bespectacled young man up there, jauntily handling a pistol while neon lights blaze behind him? That’s the teaser image that CD Projekt RED sent out ahead of tomorrow’s conference thing-a-mahopper. I have no idea what the game is about, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all play a rousing game of Guess The RPG.

I’ll start.

CyberWitcher: Hacker of Commando CowboyKings

Pistols At Dawn: A Mohawk’s Tale

Super Neon Hairstyle Squad

Go! Go! Go! Electric Blue Nearsighted Warriors!

See, it’s not hard! Leave your own ideas in the comments.

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Brandon loves games, which shouldn't be a surprise given where you're reading this. He has written for GameShark, The Escapist and G4, and made them all less relevant as a result.

30 thoughts to “Let’s Play “Guess the RPG””

  1. Sex Pistols: The Game (no relation to the band of the same name)

    Seriously, I don’t care what it is, I just started The Witcher 2 and I will play anything CD Projekt RED puts out at this point, no questions asked.

  2. DRM Hunter
    Sinner’s Column
    Silverhawks: Origins
    Flashback 2 (this would be kind of awesome, by the way – and yes, I know there was a game called Fade To Black that was the “spiritual” sucessor to Flashback, but let’s not linger there)
    Prey Too
    Starfox: Revelations
    Freelancer 2
    Assassin’s Creed Reloaded
    The Vampirer: Murderers of Presidents

      1. Yeah, I went there. For some reason, the picture reminded me of one of them, the guy with the cowboy hat. Go figure.

  3. Cyber-Bullies: No Sleeves, No Mercy
    Future Lasering
    Psi-ber Pstorm
    USB of America (or Neomerica)

    I’m done, looking forward to whatever this may be. Even if it isn’t Blade Witcher.

  4. Witcher 3: the Pistolmancering
    Shadowrun: Warsaw
    Snow Crash Shootout (I would totally buy this)
    Footbol Hooligan RPG, retitled Crazy European Soccer Fans for North America
    Lead Tears in the Rain
    Cyberpunk Dirty Harry
    Green planet, Greener Bloom Effects
    A Killer Hairstyle

    1. “Footbol Hooligan RPG, retitled Crazy European Soccer Fans for North America”

      Made me laugh 😀

  5. Santa’s Got Attitude
    My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash’s Drug Wars
    Yet Another Square-Enix RPG
    We Like Green (Except on our hair)
    Hooligan: Team Hugs
    Shoot Stuff: Frowny Face Edition

  6. DarkJog: Totally Not Shadowrun
    Cyber Manshoot: Augmented Fatality
    Jet Set Radio 3: Even More Futurer
    Google Glasses Vigilante Vengeance
    CyberEmo Hair Gel Assassin

  7. Can we start a new thread for titles that we’d actually like to see made into a video game? Some of these guesses sound downright awesome.

  8. Manhack 3: Beyond the Psiberdawn
    Blistered Steel
    Hell Bent For Pleather
    Codename: Wizardjack

    1. “Hell Bent For Pleather”

      We have a winner folks. And by winner I mean made me choke on ice cream.

      1. I do love me some “Hell Bent for Pleather” but I gotta give props to a dark, gritty CRPG called “Monday”. There’s something compelling about that, and it promises to take place in a single day.

  9. I want it to be Cyber Punk, but the joke name would probably be “Mohawk – The 2013 Space Oddessy” (odd spelling for more amusement.)

  10. Naked Jacket
    Jeffrey Donovan: The Game
    Green Syndicate
    Geralt’s Time Travel Adventure
    Grumpy Men from the Future
    Super Hollywood Hackers

  11. Secret Public Schoolboys.
    RPG Chronicles: Dungeon Slayer.
    Legends of Nothing.
    Office Worker Chronicles: Water-cooler Edition.

    My personal favourite so far is ‘Bobby and His Technical Boys’.

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