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Be a Part of Jumping the Shark

Ok, folks, here’s the deal. We lost our show from the last night of E3. It was a one in a million thing that could not have been prevented. I hit the record button, levels were showing in Audacity but unbeknownst to me, for 40 minutes of a 45 minute show, nothing was being written to the hard drive.


So, yeah, kind of hard to recover from such a thing. After spending several days away from my family, the last thing I want do to is record a new show, but I am willing to do something to make sure that folks have a new episode of JTS on Monday morning. Ask me anything, and I mean anything, either via Twitter (@MisterBinky), in the comments here, or on Formspring and I will answer them in a special “bridging the gap” show recorded on Sunday evening while I’m supposed to be playing games.

The only rule I have is that I have to have all questions by 7PM EDT. Also, if I don’t get enough questions, I’ll scrap the show. Otherwise, ask away and hilarity will ensue.


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Brandon loves games, which shouldn't be a surprise given where you're reading this. He has written for GameShark, The Escapist and G4, and made them all less relevant as a result.

25 thoughts to “Be a Part of Jumping the Shark”

  1. I’ve always been curious why Todd only pronounces “attribute” in its verb form, “a-TRIB-ute.” Usually people discuss their RPG statistics as “AT-rib-utes.” He’s surely heard the proper pronunciation, so is he deliberately doing it just to mess with me?

    Also, why is every single episode of the Showtime anthology series Masters of Horror such an irredeemable pile of defective writing and unfortunate career choices? How can so many different talent pools produce something that consistently terrible?

    1. Oh, and why does Danielle write for so many websites that credit her as “Staff” or “Guest Writer?” You’d barely know she wrote anything at all if she weren’t linking her work through the Twitter feed here on No High Scores. Are websites just being jerks to her, or does she like to take credit for articles she disavows having written?

    2. No no no. Ask Brandon questions like “who would win in a fight, Shockwave or Soundwave?” Ask ME the horror questions.

      So I’ll field that. Masters of Horror sucks because the “masters” are all well past their prime. Carpenter, Argento, Gordon, Coscarelli…these guys are -done- making great horror pictures. Even Miike bungled his shot, and he’s probably the most maverick and current director they’ve had. I haven’t liked ANY of the episodes I’ve seen, they’re all just dreadfully bad. I’d rather watch an old episode of Tales from the Darkside.

      The show is also symptomatic of a general malaise in horror cinema…there simply isn’t anything truly compelling going on in the post-torture porn genre. I liked Ti West’s House of the Devil, but it was totally derivative. The J-horror and K-horror thing is over as far as I’m concerned, nothing ever topped the original Ringu and Ju-On films. I’m curious about the “new” Hammer picture Woman in Black since it’s proper gothic horror, but I suspect it won’t live up to the classic Terence Fisher/John Hough English horror films.

      The only great recent horror I can think of is Let The Right One In and Lars Van Trier’s Antichrist, which is truly a horrific and hard to watch film. But those are far removed from the Showtime junk.

      1. Okay, let’s bring up one of your merry horror storries –

        The Mass Effect 3 and the fan reaction thereof, let’s have your in depth and detailed analysis of it and your thoughts on how the outcome might have affected the game industry and more specifically Bioware

  2. The failings of this years E3 are well documented. In fact overall the show was about as uninteresting as I’ve seen. That said you’ve been to several, and I’d like to know if there is anything you think E3 has improved as years go by? Is there anything this years E3 did better than ever? If not is there a way for E3 to become worthwhile again?

  3. I am glad I checked the comments first as Mr Barnes stole my question (though the answer would be appropriate only in a video podcast with a proper showing of toys).

    So… Do you enjoy writing so much to ever think of writing a novel or book of sort – not a fanfiction, hopefully ? And can we send you and anyone on the site invites for Neuroshima Hex games through email without feeling like creepy stalkers because of that stupid system (sorry if this has been covered already in the past) ?

  4. Where do you think gaming news websites are headed with covering E3? The show has lost a lot of its importance in the industry, but there are still dumb E3 awards popping up everywhere. A lot of these games we already know about, or otherwise have not proven themselves yet so there is no way to know what to expect.
    Also, my mom recently got addicted to Tiny Wings and Fruit Ninja, something that I never thought would happen a million and one years. Do you have any recommendations for mom’s iPad that will keep her playing instead of this just being a short-lived phase?

  5. If you guys have spare cash (I realize now might not be the best timing), highly recommend getting a better program to record. I’ve used Acid Pro 7 for my little podcast for a couple years now. Totally worth the money. Should you decide to go that route, make sure you get 7, not 6 or below. Ton of little things that make editing so much easier. They do have a 30 day demo, but beware, I inexplicably had major issues getting the actual thing to work when I bought the real deal after the trial expired. Audacity is good for the price, but spending a little money goes a long way. There may even be cheaper alternatives than Sony’s software available as well; that’s just the direction I decided to go.

  6. How can I find out what tattoos Brandon has? Aside from kidnapping him.

    When will Danielle be back on the show so we can restart the Mass Effect streak?

    Can I be a guest on the show? 😉

    Imagine you now have total control over what the next E3 will be like. What would you change?

  7. Think of questions… think of questions… uh, what questions would you ask yourself if you were able to ask yourself questions?
    I am bad at this.

  8. Well considering I spent the last 12 hours drinking Jose Cuervo, Vodka & OJ, and Shinerbock; I’ve gotta ask, why does the world slant generally to the right? Also; is there always one guy (at this party there were two) who can’t hold alcohol at all or just drinks too much? (my first time doing shots and it wasn’t me)

  9. I really don’t want to wait another week for more Jumping the Shark, so in an attempt to ensure Brandon gets a sufficient number of questions, here are a few more things I’ve been wondering about:

    1) Imagine that despite Bill’s best efforts, you have just been bitten on the hand by Morgan Webb. Which accomplished zombie slayer from game, screen, or novel would you most want to spend your final hours with AND trust to put you down for good once the hunger became overwhelming?

    2) Your last name is Cackowski-Schnell. If your children grow up to get married, is it more common to further hyphenate the name (Cackowski-Schnell-Hierro), or is there an established etiquette for replacing a portion of the existing name with the new one?

    3) With regards to the UB40 song Red Red Wine, what is — or how does? — a “monkey pocca?”

    4) Which of the three major Abrahamic religions does Jumping the Shark consider most worthy of mockery and why?

    5) Why aren’t Bill, Todd, Barnes, or Danielle helping out with this emergency podcast? Do they think they’re better than you? Eh? Do they??

    6) Following a grisly and sadistic series of murders, how much time needs to pass before you would feel comfortable moving your family into the home where they occurred?

    7) Why would BioWare go to the effort of writing Anders into Dragon Age II if every aspect of his character, from appearance to personality to his voice actor, is so radically different from Awakenings as to render him unrecognizable? Why not assign him literally any other name and avoid the discontinuity altogether?

    8) Can we hear the five minutes of original podcast that apparently did record correctly?

  10. What is the sorst game you suffered through for achievement points, and would you suffer through it again?

    1. Unfortunately, I didn’t see this while recording. The answer would be “Truth and Lies” and “no”.

  11. Excellent podcast this week, and thanks to Brandon for sacrificing his gaming time to record it for us. I would like to see more podcasts like this from time to time or even other cool ones like the one where Brandon and Danielle pitched game ideas to eachother, that was another cool episode.

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