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Funcom Announces New LEGO MMO

PR Ahead:

Funcom, a(n) world leading independent developer and publisher of online games, is excited to announce that the company has signed a license agreement with the LEGO Group, one of the world’s most successful manufacturers of play materials, to develop a massively multiplayer online game based on the popular LEGO Minifigures franchise.

The massively multiplayer online game that Funcom will develop based on the LEGO Minifigures franchise will focus on maximum accessibility. Funcom and the LEGO Group will work together to make the game available to consumers in their online channels and will be coordinating activities to provide a broad and enhanced experience for the product line. (I have no idea what that even means.) The game will be a prominent part of the LEGO Minifigures online experience which already has millions of unique visitors per month.

“The market for family-friendly online experiences intended for children and youngsters is brimming with potential,” says Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas. “Being able to work with a world-renowned brand such as the LEGO® brand to develop an MMO for this audience is incredibly exciting to us as game developers and for Funcom as a company. This is source material we all know and love and we simply cannot wait to get started working with the LEGO Group on realizing this exciting project.”

For more information about Funcom visit More information about LEGO Minifigures can be found on the official website.

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Bill Abner

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3 thoughts to “Funcom Announces New LEGO MMO”

  1. This seems like it could be a few years too late. With LEGO’s price points for molded plastic, I can’t see them selling their name as a F2P, although it might end up that way if it follows the trend set by so many other MMOs.
    Also I wonder if they have gauged the market correctly. Are there really a substantial number of parents willing to get their young children hooked on MMO crack?

  2. Maybe the “coordinating activitiesgarbleblahgfkk product line” is referring to something Skylanders-like. I hate that you don’t know which Minifig you’re getting when you want to buy those packs. Most of them I don’t like and then you spend an hour feeling each bag hoping you get the one you want.

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