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The Secret World Launch Trailer

YouTube video

We have a 30 day trial code from Funcom and Brian is going to put this one through its paces so expect some thoughts from him soon.

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Bill Abner

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4 thoughts to “The Secret World Launch Trailer”

  1. I really liked the trailer (the music choice was very interesting).

    Too bad I have no interest whatsoever in playing the game, or any other subscription-based MMO, much less now that Guild Wars 2 is less than two months away.

  2. There’s so much about the game that intrigued me, but at this point, I’m really just not in a hurry to pay for a scrip. I agree with Rhamorim, Guild Wars 2 is a couple months out, so I think this one might fall by the wayside. Of course, Kate Cox over at Kotaku had a lot of nice things to say about the game, so perhaps if it gets more good reviews. . .

  3. Having played in beta, this game does some things really well. The Investigation missions are amazing. It’s like someone got old school adventure game in your MMO. No glowy point on your minimap, no hand-holding, you have to read the mission text, look around the world, and solve the mystery of the mission. It’s unlike anything i’ve ever seen in an MMO and the two Investigation missions i did in Beta were nearly enough to make me buy the game day one — they’re that fantastic. Also, the environments and story are great, some of the best mood building i’ve ever seen in an MMO.

    Sadly, the game also does some stuff poorly, or at least less well. Combat is only “ok” — not amazing, but not atrocious. Many skills are underwhelming and the non-investigation missions are quite run of the mill. It does feel different from most MMOs on the market though, so that’s worth something.

    The biggest negative, in my book, is the pricing model they’re using. Box sale, PLUS monthly sub, WITH an in-game store… come on! It’s too much and playing Beta only reinforced the fact that their pricing model was completely insane. When they drop part of it (f2p with box sale, or no sale but monthly sub, or something) then I’ll look at it. Until then, don’t ruin any of hte Investigation missions for yourself, they’re the best part of the game.

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