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Jumping the Shark Episode #133

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For Jumping the Shark #133, Brandon and Bill celebrate the coming of Summoner Wars on the iOS. (I’m sure I’ll join the jubilee soon. Took the time to figure it out over the weekend and am starting to feel its draw.) There’s also some Amazing Spider-Man discussion and a Bill tangent about not liking fun murderers. And really, who does? Leading off this week, though, Brandon and I wax poetic about the revised Mass Effect 3 ending and he gets me to say something that, in a righteous universe, ought to never ever happen – “Brandon, you’re right.”

And even now a chill goes down my spine.

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Todd Brakke

Todd was born in Ann Arbor with a Michigan helmet in one hand and a mouse in the other. (Never you mind the logistics of this.) He grew, vertically anyway, and proceeded to spend over 16 years as a development editor for Pearson Education, publishing books, videos, and digital learning products under the Que and Sams Publishing imprints. Because that wasn't enough of a challenge, Todd has also been a 20-year part-time snob about video games, writing reviews, features, and more for multiple outlets. Follow him on Twitter @ubrakto or check it out his website at

2 thoughts to “Jumping the Shark Episode #133”

  1. I’m all for people calling a spade a spade when it comes to crappy Euros. Crappy, generic games have gotten a free pass far too long on BGG from the like of Tom Vasel and his glowing reviews of every Gin Rummy/ Go clone with some tacked on theme. I remember Mike Barnes getting excoriated for calling out this kind of crap for what it was. At some point, games that hit all the Euro bases that had good graphics became ‘masterpieces’ to the board gaming community, and it was all nonsense.

    BGG is a useful reference site, but it’s not too trustworthy as a review source.

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