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Warhammer Quest coming to iOS

Classic games workshop dungeon crawl Warhammer Quest coming to iOS in 2013

There are relatively few classic board games of the 80’s and 90’s that haven’t seen a modern reprint in some form or other. High amongst the list of those that remain is Warhammer Quest, the culmination of a series of dungeon crawl games from UK publisher Games Workshop. But it’s not going to be on the list for much longer.

Mobile developer Rodeo Games, responsible for the acclaimed Hunter series of games, has announced it’ll be releasing an iOS version of the game some time in mid 2013. Given that it has a famously high random factor and is well suited to solo play, this looks like a shrewd move.

Games Workshop have been characteristically tight-lipped about the possibility of a physical Warhammer Quest re-release following widespread speculation in the wake of its surprise re-issue of acclaimed classic Space Hulk a few years ago. Still no news on that, but it seems possible that hot iOS sales may tempt them into considering a re-working of the tabletop version.

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Matt Thrower

Matt is a board gamer who plays video games when he can't find anyone similarly obsessive to play against, which is frequently. The inability to get out and play after the birth of his first child lead him to start writing about games as a substitute for playing them. He founded and writes there and at

9 thoughts to “Warhammer Quest coming to iOS”

  1. There it is, the most shocking game news of 2012. Speechless. And using the Hunters engine could be brilliant.

    I be Space Hulk is in the works too…not like didn’t already have an awesome and complete version, but you know how GW is about litigation…

  2. My biggest seller’s regret was unloading my copy of Warhammer Quest many years ago. Boy, does this piece of news make me happy.

  3. Never played this, but it looks pretty rad. My biggest regret is losing HeroQuest at some point in time… I know i didn’t sell it, and have no memory of ever throwing it away… it just vanished. I miss that game.

    1. HeroQuest as in board game with furniture in the box and the big ol barbarian on the front with the sword and the gargoyle whose head came off?

      I played it a year or two ago, doesn’t hold up as well as I’d hoped. I think maybe if i had sat down to make a dungeon and house ruled the hell out of it it mighta been cool though

      1. Yup, you got it.

        It’s entirely possible that it wouldn’t hold up to my memories of the game. But I spent a lot of time making my own dungeons and coming up with new monsters and rules, etc. So that could’ve been a big part of it too..

  4. I was looking up pictures of hero quest to see if I had played it or not cause I couldn’t remember (still can’t remember) but I came across which looks like a place to dl heroes quest for pc if you can’t wait for warhammer quest. Didn’t try it myself but since I saw it figured I’d share.

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