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Calendar Man – Week of 10/15

After last week’s gameapalooza, this week offers a bit of a break, unless you’re really into James Bond games and/or Dance Central. Neither of those apply to me, so I’ll stick with Pandora and maybe take a crack at Dishonored if I’m feeling adventurous. What can I say? True vault hunter mode is too much of a draw. I know there’s a better bee shield out there! I just know it!

New Releases

Of all of the Kinect games I have missed out on, the only ones I really wish I could play are the Dance Central games. Maybe my new house will afford me the space to shake my booty to Dance Central 3. If not, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. My booty can just shake without the benefit of motion tracking technology.

I hated Doom 3. Maybe you didn’t. If you didn’t, the Doom 3 BFG Edition (360, PS3, PC) has all of the Doom 3 action you’ve been clamoring for, including the main game, a lost mission and Resurrection of Evil. Insert gun and flashlight joke here.

I’m not one to be in the seats on opening weekend for James Bond movies, but Skyfall looks off the chain, yo. The rest of the world gets to see it a week or two before the US, but such is the price we Americans pay for being, well, American. Thankfully we can all play 007 Legends (PS3, 360) this week. On second thought, given the state of Bond games lately, maybe I shouldn’t be quite so thankful.

Ravaged is an online, multiplayer FPS focusing on vehicular combat. Nothing like combining driving and shooting, two things I’m terrible at, to make a game I will never, ever play.

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Can a game be scary if you play it on a small screen, with friends? Silent Hill: Book of Memories aims to find out, bringing co-op Silent Hill craziness to the PS Vita.

In other releases, LOTR Online gets the Riders of Rohan expansion, Crusader Kings II gets the Legacy of Rome expansion, Serious Sam 3 BFE hits XBLA, Mugen Souls hits the PS3 and Rocksmith Guitar and Bass gets a PC release.


Toys R Us – Buy any two $59.99 games and get a $50 gift card. No idea if this sale replaces the annual buy two, get one free sale, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Buy any game at $19.99 and get another $19.99 game for 40% off. Get a free $20 gift card with purchase of 360 4GB Kinect console and a wireless controller.

Target – Save $50 on various Xbox 360 holiday bundles.

Best Buy – Save $50 on various Xbox 360 holiday bundles.


Brandon loves games, which shouldn't be a surprise given where you're reading this. He has written for GameShark, The Escapist and G4, and made them all less relevant as a result.

3 thoughts to “Calendar Man – Week of 10/15”

  1. Not a damn thing here. Still away from home, recovering from my marathon (I did it!).

    Back tomorrow I have XCOM, Walking Dead Ep.4, Sleeping Dogs, and Dishonored to sort through.

    Though in reality I am playing nothing but XCOM.

    1. Congratulations!

      Ooh, Walking Dead. Forgot all about that one. May have to take a break from Borderlands 2 and fire it up.


        Seriously, I’ve said it before, but I have yet to find a game better than TWD at making you feel terrible for trying to make the right choices.

        Episode 4 is the worst offender in this regard, play it at the end of the night, because otherwise you will spend the rest of your day second-guessing everything you do or say.

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