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Fighting Fantasy Blood of the Zombies out on iOS & Android

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Tin Man Games, esteemed purveyor of the finest Gamebook Adventures to the owners of iOS and Android devices the world over, has today released their first Fighting Fantasy gamebook conversion. It’s the latest in the series by franchise founder and current Eidos President Ian Livingstone, Blood of the Zombies. The title will tell you most of what you need to know about the story. I have it on good authority that the next Fighting Fantasy book up for the mobile treatment is the aged classic House of Horror. Spotting a theme here? So watch Tin Man for a (presumably human) smorgasbord of gory gratification in the near future.

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Matt Thrower

Matt is a board gamer who plays video games when he can't find anyone similarly obsessive to play against, which is frequently. The inability to get out and play after the birth of his first child lead him to start writing about games as a substitute for playing them. He founded and writes there and at

4 thoughts to “Fighting Fantasy Blood of the Zombies out on iOS & Android”

  1. Fighting Fantasy Franchise Founder and Funster…Ian?

    Well shit, thanks IAN!

    You couldn’t have been named Fred Farthingferry?…

    This looks fun though, it’s downloading as I type. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed with my most expensive app store purchase ever ($5.99)

  2. Thank you, Nohighscores, for bringing this to my attention. This made my day.

    I’ve only had a chance to read a little through the history of Fighting Fantasy and roll for my Stamina on hardcore difficulty. I had no idea that I would discover a connection to Games Workshop within. Sadly, the originals were before my time, but I’m thrilled that it has been brought to tablets.

    For anyone who is curious, there are about a dozen others of these on the App Store. I was a little torn on which to try first, but seeing as it’s October, zombies just makes sense.

    1. I will say one thing though, the art really demands a bigger screen. I’m liking it on my iPod/iPhone, but I think a tablet would definitely be the optimal experience for this one.

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