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How About a Crusader Kings II Contest?

Why yes, that sounds lovely.

Crusader Kings II is a wonderful game. I played the hell out of it when it was released — a month of non stop Crusader Kinging. With the release of the 2nd expansion, Legacy of Rome, I need to get back in the swing as I love that period of history. This isn’t Glory Days Rome but rather the Eastern Empire — Leo, Justinian and the boys.

In celebration of said expansion we are giving away five (5) Steam codes for Crusader Kings II. This is just the base game and not the add on. So if you skipped it last time around, now’s your chance to score a freebie.

To enter the contest reply to this post and tell us why you should win a free copy. Seriously. Why should I give YOU a free CK2 code? It’s that simple.

Winners will be chosen at random. Or maybe not.

Good luck!

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Bill Abner

Bill has been writing about games for the past 16 years for such outlets as Computer Games Magazine, GameSpy, The Escapist, GameShark, and Crispy Gamer. He will continue to do so until his wife tells him to get a real job.

35 thoughts to “How About a Crusader Kings II Contest?”

  1. I’m a big strategy fan and I’d love to take a crack at something as deep as this. Also, anything that is game diary material should be great. I picked up Shogun 2 based on the NHS game diary.

  2. I would be all over this… if I didn’t already own the game and its two major DLCs.

    Seriously, everyone… this is a fantastic game, definitely one of my favorites of 2012. Go for it!

    1. Yeah pretty much in the same boat here. Haven’t gotten much into it though, largely due to work and school, but love the game when I do get a chance.

  3. Oh man, where to start.

    Because when this post came up, Crusader Kings 1 was literally in my computer:

    Because my love affair for Paradox has stretched back many years:
    (incl. Europa Universalis (box missing in my closet), Europa Universalis 2 (box missing in my closet), Europa Universalis 3, Crusader Kings (bought at original retail price), Two Thrones!, Majesty, Mount and Blade, Mount and Blade: Warband, Victoria.

    Because on October 21, 2002, I met a girl at a bowling night in college with some friends. Upon hearing that she was a history major (like me), and that she liked video games, I was inebriated enough to ask her “have you ever heard of Europa Universalis…?” Because I married that girl in 2005 and am still married to her.

    Because she kicks my ass in most of those games. And to this day she still plays CK, imports to EU2, then imports to Victoria.

    Because as of last night, we were both sitting on our respective computers playing CK, and if she hadn’t gone to work two hours ago, I’d still be hearing the horns constantly blaring pop-ups as she pounded her mouse in frustration as she fights the Golden Horde…

      1. Sadly, money. We’ve been stretched putting my wife through her Ph.D. In another economy I would have had CK2 on the first day, but rent and bills come first.

  4. This looks a bit like Hearts of Iron which I would love to play but I’m a bit sick of WWII. This looks much better. Can’t believe I didn’t already know about it (or at least notice it advertised on Steam).

  5. Oh, me! My roommate has Crusader Kings II and plays it *all the time*, would love to be able to jump in and play as well, starting with the same territory and seeing how we can take it in different directions.

  6. Heard TONS about this game. Can’t find it on Mac, though. I think maybe I just suck at search engines. Would really like to play it; this is a fairly-overshadowed portion of history, and it’d be nice to see how it plays out, game-wise.

  7. Because history is cool and making your own history is cooler. But having this game would be the coolest. Please.

  8. I think Paradox makes some great games, but the last one I had a chance to play was Europa Universalis 3 (which, admittedly, is a classic). But, after reading your posts on Crusader Kings 2 I have to say it sounds like a really fun time period to play in. Hopefully I’ll win and get a chance to check it out!

  9. Because I love deep strategy games but somehow I’ve never really dabbled much into Paradox’s catalogue of games, I’ve heard great things about the game though and history is one of my biggest interests so this would be a great place to start.

    Beyond that, frankly it just sounds like an awesome game but my gaming budget is completely tapped out for awhile.

    Regardless, thanks for the contest.

  10. It would be notice to be able to play a good strategy game. But we all know I would spend most of the time looking at that sexy boot that is Italy

  11. I would like to win a free copy of Crusader Kings 2. My budget for new games is depleted and I have heard how awesome CK2. I would like to be able to add a great grand strategy game to my gaming library. I promise if I win I will rule my dynasty for the glory of No High Scores!

  12. Because I really need to stop playing EU3 and move on to the new hotness. Also, because my wife won’t let me buy it myself, something about bills, kids or some such. 😉

  13. I need this game. It is imperative that I should be given the chance to create an alternate history where KING SLOTHBOY is the ultimate power in Europe. I also promise to name my first prince Bill.

  14. I should win a copy of CK2 because I could use practice in managing a kingdom with a crazy, murderous wife. I’m engaged to be married, and who knows, it might come up.

  15. I hope I can win a copy because I love strategy games and I’ve had my eye on Crusader Kings II for a while. I should also win because my wife handles the budget and games aren’t included so I won’t be playing Crusader Kings II otherwise.

  16. Oh, king eh? Very nice. And how’d you get that, eh? By exploiting the workers. By hanging on to outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society 😉

  17. I shouldn’t win this contest because I already own this game in multiple formats. I’m just here to say wheee! More CKII for the people!

  18. Umm, because I’m a 45 year old gamer that needs a good game to play, as most games are boring to me nowadays; to the point that I’m seriously losing interest in gaming in general. (This, I’m afraid, will seal my fate and I will start to think of myself as being old . . . )

  19. First reason, big strategy fan and want to try the Westeros mod. Second, I have attempted to win your contests multiple times to no avail. Bonus reason, CKII is at the top of my steam wish list.

  20. Because I live in third world country and I have a hunch that Bill love merica giving some foreign aid. 😉

  21. Because I am a master’s student who desperately needs something to look forward to doing over Christmas break. This would be perfect.

  22. Because I made the tragic mistake of majoring in history. Soooo, now I have a lot of free time, and no money!

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