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VGA Trailer Explosion

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So I guess the VGAs were this weekend. I had no idea. I tend to tune that stuff out, not because I’m morally opposed to them or because I think it represents the selling out of games. Marketers gonna market. I just don’t need to spend my evening taking part in it when I can watch all of the trailers in the following days.

Speaking of trailers, there was some interesting stuff shown. The above BioShock Infinite trailer has some people complaining about the frame rate and all of the shooting, but mostly it has me excited over the prospect of stabbing a crazed pig man with my skyline, arm hook thingy. I will say that I called the game not making their February release date some time ago. Yes, I am that good.

YouTube video

Next up is the trailer for Last of Us which looks like the shizzle fo’ rizzle. The game looks great, as do the character animations, but best of all, W. Earl Brown, Dan Doherty of “Deadwood” fame, does a voice in the game. I do so love me some W. Earl Brown.

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Bill should be thrilled about Dark Souls 2, provided we can ever get him back to playing video games. I’m most impressed that it took 90 seconds for the trailer’s main character to die. For Dark Souls, that’s like a whole lifetime.

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I have no idea what The Phantom Pain is about, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never played a game that focused on an amputee desperately escaping a hospital as his fellow patients are slaughtered around him.

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Gears of War: Judgement looks like Gears of War. Take that as you may.

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YouTube video

I have no idea if South Park: The Stick of Truth will be any good, but I laughed a bunch during the trailer. Yes, I am that juvenile.

Looks like this current generation of hardware still has some good stuff to deliver, a good thing seeing how we’ll be stuck with it for another year.


Brandon loves games, which shouldn't be a surprise given where you're reading this. He has written for GameShark, The Escapist and G4, and made them all less relevant as a result.

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    1. I’m right there with you, unless of course it’s some sort of painkiller related hallucination, you have to take drugs to be able to move quicker or keep yourself from passing out, but the side-effect being that you have to deal with whales falling out of the sky on fire…seems like a fair trade-off.

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