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Calendar Man – Week of 7/1


Nothing like a US and Canadian holiday smack dab in the middle/beginning of the week to make sure nothing comes out. There may be other reasons, but that’s what I’m going with. As for deals, there ain’t nothing too hot either. Best Buy is offering BioShock: Infinite for $39.99 and Toys R Us is offering Metro: Last Light for the same price. If I had to choose between the two, I’d go with Metro but both lack the personality that made their predecessors so compelling.

So there you go. Enjoy your holiday. If you’re not in the US, enjoy your Thursday.

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Brandon loves games, which shouldn't be a surprise given where you're reading this. He has written for GameShark, The Escapist and G4, and made them all less relevant as a result.

14 thoughts to “Calendar Man – Week of 7/1”

  1. Nuts to you, I am going to enjoy Canada Day instead ;).

    Day off work, pulled pork and an onslaught of baked goods!

    Nothing new on my plate; trying to wrap up Last of Us and far too excited by new insects and fish in Animal Crossing.

    1. I’ll be finishing off The Last of Us in the next day or two. My game save says I’m at 97%, which means I really should have just found an excuse to play for another hour over the weekend. Anyways, I’m hoping someone (Brandon) posts a spoiler review or something so that we can pick up the game discussion some more. Overall, I’ve definitely enjoyed the game a lot, but it’s not the best game of the year (although I will put it ahead of Metro:LL). The gameplay actually did a really good job of switching things up and staying fresh throughout, which was my biggest worry from the first couple hours.

      I’m not actually sure what I’ll be picking up next. I’m really excited about that new sealed deck functionality in Magic 2014, but I’ve also been meaning to get back to Ni no Kuni. So, who knows.

      1. Hm, what would you then nominate for GOTY so far? For me it’s probably Revengeance, even though Last of Us is more than good and a worthy contender for the title.

        Still haven’t played new Metro (I kinda doubt it’ll be my GOTY contender anyways), or Swapper and Gunpoint (much more interested in them!). Other than that, can’t wait to see how GTA V and Hotline Miami 2 turn up.

        And while we’re at the GOTY/good/great games talk, be sure to check out Antichamber, Kentucky Route Zero and DmC, if you’re into puzzlers, adventures and over-the-top-action.

        1. At this point, I don’t have any games to nominate for game of the year. Nothing’s really impressed me all that much, although I did thoroughly enjoy DmC (since you brought it up). To be fair, The Last of Us is probably the best game I’ve played this year, but all that means is that it’s better than Dmc, Tomb Raider, Ni no Kuni, and Metro:LL (I skipped Bioshock Infinite since I didn’t even enjoy the first one). But, to be fair, we’re running out of games that I’m looking forward to. I might end up enjoying Square’s Kingdom Hearts and FFX HD releases more than anything new that comes out this year.

          Or I could fall in love with Tales of Xillia and devote 100+ hours to that and never play anything else that comes out this year.

      2. Oh, and Monaco and Don’t Starve! Also, Rising Storm, if you’re into some hardcore mutliplayer FPS fun. And Gunslinger. Man, what a year for games!

        1. Game of the Year thus far is Fire Emblem: Awakening. No question. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance it retains that award come end of the year.

          1. Pretty much my thought too.

            I’m going to need to see something pretty amazing to bump Fire Emblem out of the top spot.

          2. So many people praise that, but since I sold my 3DS long time ago… yeah. I’m gonna play XCOM: Enemy Unknown (again) for some of that turn-based strategy goodness. And let’s hope that The Bureau will be up to the task, since recent trailers seemed really interesting with game looking more and more XCOM-y by the minute.

      3. Magic 2014 is intriguing. I may have to pick that up for the iPad. I’m considering a “proper” Last of Us review, but honestly, my drive to write reviews nowadays is pretty low. Not sure why.

        1. Because they took the dumptruck full of money away and you had to return the gold house and rocket car you bought from your earnings? That’s my reason.

          Magic 2014 is awesome. The sealed play really makes the game for me. I liked the past games, but they didn’t have it. Get it, get online, and hit me up for a game.

  2. Just picked up SPAZ for a $1.99 today looking forward to that. Also been playing a lot of Marvel Heroes a free ARPG lootfest is great in my book.

    For some reason all the AAA releases have been less than interesting to me. Probably need to stop reading reviews by Tom Chick and Barnes.

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