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Calendar Man – Week of 7/22

shadowrun returns shot 1

Not a lot going on this week in the releases department. Shadowrun Returns makes its debut, and with it, the hopes and dreams of Kickstarter fans everywhere. There’s also a new NASCAR game as well as games for the new Smurfs movie. Mars War Logs hits the 360, the PS3 gets a new Hot Shots game and Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark releases for the PS3 and the Vita.

Having finished the high voltage wiring for my basement, I now turn to low voltage wiring. Good times. When I do get time to game it will be all Just Cause 2, all the time. The vehicle controls are a little dodgy but you have a grappling hook and that makes up for a lot.


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Brandon loves games, which shouldn't be a surprise given where you're reading this. He has written for GameShark, The Escapist and G4, and made them all less relevant as a result.

9 thoughts to “Calendar Man – Week of 7/22”

  1. Keeping an eye on Shadowrun, but otherwise I am done until Tales of Xillia comes out.

    I just beat Ratchet and Clank, so between bouts of Animal Crossing I am finally picking away at the sequel to 999.

    Very fun. We don’t get enough visual novels over here.

    Picking away at my Steam pile bedsides that.

    1. Yeah, same here. I picked up Magic 2014 last week and am trying to force myself not to immediately jump into the sealed play so that I can mess around with the ridiculous sliver deck for awhile first.

      But, all that will come to a crashing halt once Tales of Xillia is out. I never did finish Tales of Graces f, so I’m hoping that this doesn’t mean I’m burned out on the series.

      1. I wanted Magic 2014 for the sealed deck play but I did so little with 2013 I couldn’t justify it.

        And part of the problem lies with Graces f I think. It’s a good but not stellar Tales game. I never bothered doing the long epilogue as it didn’t add a damn thing that needed to be said.

        Hmm, I still have Abyss to work through too. My backlog is made problematic because of jrpgs really.

      2. You think the Sliver deck is ridiculous, try the Guardians of Light deck with all the auras. It’s practically invincible. Kor Spiritdancers plus Mesa Enchantresses…+2/+2 per aura (on top of their bonuses) AND you draw two cards. And then there’s a Sigil of the Empty Throne so you get a 4/4 flying angel for every enchantment you play too. NUTS. Slap a Spirit Mantle on the dancer and suddely you’re doing like 15-20 points of unblockable damage on like the fifth turn if you get a good first hand. Using this deck I’ve had a high life total of 74 and a “most damage in a single turn” of 63.

        Sealed play rules.

        1. Alright, you’ve convinced me. I always intend to play with the silly aura decks each year, but never get around to it. I’ll bump that one up to next on the list once I get tired of the sliver deck (which, I have to admit, is not as awesome as it could be, but it’s just fun playing with slivers, period).

        2. I don’t know Barnes, I’ll give it a couple more chances, but a pure white Aura deck is a little boring for me. I’m feeling the calling of the hilarious green/colorless annhilator bombs deck. I can’t imagine that it’s actually particularly playable, but I do love me those Eldrazi creatures. Although I kind of wish they’d brought in the Eldrazi spawns as well from the Rise of the Eldrazi block so that it would feel like I’m playing the deck properly.

          I should really just start playing sealed.

  2. To heck with this new stuff, I’m just going to play through all of the Metal Gear Solid games again. Just finished the first one, still an incredible game after all of these years.

    Stealth Bastard might be one I pick up though, especially with that discount if you get Duck Tales too…

  3. I bought more than I’m willing to admit during the Steam sale, along with a new computer chair and a wired 360 controller. I’ve been playing Dust: an Elysium Tale, which so far has been a lot of fun. The story/dialogue are utterly cheesy but I knew that coming in, so it really just adds to my enjoyment.

    I think after that, I’m going to hit up The Swapper. If I haven’t finished both by next Monday, I’ve failed myself and others.

  4. I took the Steam Sale as an opportunity to pick up the few bits of gameplay DLC that were not covered in the Season Pass. Seeing as how I got the Pass itself for about half-off, the whole thing has just been an astonishing return on my investment.

    Tiny Tina’s Something Something RPG is becoming my favorite part of the whole game. I went in feeling a little worried that more than a sprinkling of Tiny Tina would be way too much, but the writing has been aces all the way through.

    I’ve also been spending a fair amount of time with the Brave New World expansion for Civilization V. Went for a Culture victory so I could see all the new systems in action, and I really like they way they integrate culture and tourism with the religion, espionage, and caravan trade system. The game was looking like a narrow loss until I pooled all my military might into a strike against my rival’s capital, seizing his cultural heritage as my own.

    My next game will be conquest-focused so I can gauge whether or not the AI has learned how to position weak ranged units behind armored defenders. Sadly, I already feel like the answer is “No.”

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