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Jumping the Shark Podcast #182

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In episode #182 of Jumping the Shark the gang is all in to talk games, game sales, and the first track off our soon to be double-mega-platinum hit album. First, Bill is back in a gaming mood with new adventures in Crusader Kings II to share. Oh those wacky vikings. They’re nutty, I tell you! We’re also in deep in Steam Summer Sale territory and it claims me as its victim. First up some new adventures in Civilization 5′s Brave New World along with some time left over for me to use my iPad to Rebuild from zombie apocalypse. Brandon has spent the week ruling from the throne of Fable 3 and decided that it’s really not all that spiffy being the king. There’s also a serenade that you won’t want to miss and Brandon and Bill get in some TV time.


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Todd Brakke

Todd was born in Ann Arbor with a Michigan helmet in one hand and a mouse in the other. (Never you mind the logistics of this.) He grew, vertically anyway, and proceeded to spend over 16 years as a development editor for Pearson Education, publishing books, videos, and digital learning products under the Que and Sams Publishing imprints. Because that wasn't enough of a challenge, Todd has also been a 20-year part-time snob about video games, writing reviews, features, and more for multiple outlets. Follow him on Twitter @ubrakto or check it out his website at

9 thoughts to “Jumping the Shark Podcast #182”

  1. Haha… catching a ukulele tune was definitely not something I expected in this gaming/tv show/real estate podcast. It was a horrifically wonderful tune. Brandon, your mad skills has inspired me to practice my dusty ukulele again. Probably won’t play the same song tho…

    Keep on rocking guys.

    P.s. I second Brandon’s vote on Saints Row the 3rd. Todd, please do give it a fair shake!

    1. Oh, I absolutely intend to give it a fair shake… whenever it is I get to it. Definitely not a game I can play while the kids are there, which, when I’m home, is most of the time these days. 😉

  2. At the next possible opportunity you should pick up Torchlight II Brandon. It far surpasses the first game in quality and quantity and was an absolute steal at $4.99.

    1. Seconded. Much like Brandon, I burned out on the original Torchlight fairly early in. Simplistic game systems combined with randomly generated and highly repetitive levels made for a very thin experience.

      Steam says I’ve sunk some 74 hours into the sequel, though, trying out different builds with the various character classes. That’s about three times as long as I spent with Diablo III, and I’ve never glanced back.

      1. It took me a while but I did power through the first Torchlight because I’d play it a bit then stop and come back. I finished Torchlight II in far less time overall.

        1. My only hesitation is that Brandon has said he’s pretty much done with collecting loot just for the sake of getting even better loot. That’s pretty much exactly what Torchlight II is — as cute as the cutscenes are, I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about the story.

          ARPGs are usually at their best when played co-op with friends, so the ideal thing would be if he played co-op with Petey and Hodge. I’d buy out the last copy of a 4-pack myself to hear about that one the podcast.

          1. A lot of the story happens outside of the cutscenes and requires you to pay attention to what the NPCs are telling you. There’s not a massive well written story worthy of awards in there but there is a story there.

            It all basically boils down to the Alchemist character from Torchlight I killing Ordrak thinking that will end his Ember blight from the first game, when that doesn’t work he takes Ordak’s heart which posses him and convinces him that destroying the entire world will solve all his problems.

            Then there’s something about opening a portal to the Netherworld which is where some of the games enemies come from and you have to close the portal and then it’s over. You do the Mapworks or New Game +(++++++++) forever.

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