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Calendar Man – Week of 8/12

planet hulk

There is an unnaturally high number of releases this week for the middle of August. Granted, it’s not like next week when Saints Row IV and Games I Don’t Care About Because They Aren’t Saints Row IV come out, but still. Mario and Luigi team up yet again to do whatever it is they do in Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. I played Superstar Saga and liked it well enough but not enough to play another one unless it was amazing, something this game isn’t if reviews are to be believed. In other sequel news, Payday 2 (360, PC, PS3) releases this week. I’d love to play this, but matching up my schedule and the schedule of three other people I can trust to not go crazy and kill all the hostages would be difficult to say the least.

Let’s see, what else. Oh, Europa Universalis IV releases this week, allowing you to conquer the world with grit, determination and men in funny hats. Duck Tales Remastered, a game everyone and their mother seems to be losing their shit over comes out again for PC, WiiU, 360 and PS3. I have no interest in playing remade platformers from decades ago, nor do I care about Scrooge McDuck, so I’ll pass. Charlie Murder hits the 360, Mars: War Logs hits the PS3, the Brigmore Witches DLC for Dishonored hits all platforms currently supported by Dishonored and some game called Space Hulk hits the PC. I’m assuming this is a Marvel comics game, but they got the name all wrong. It’s Planet Hulk people!

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By the way, I know what Space Hulk is. I just wanted to see how many people I could give an aneurysm.


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Best Buy – Get a free case with purchase of any 3DS XL. I’m pretty sure you can buy a 3DS XL at Target with a case and still not come close to the $199 Best Buy wants you to pay but hey, do what you want. Buy two, get one free on all Skylanders Giants figures. Save $20 on all Skylanders Giants starter packs.


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One thought to “Calendar Man – Week of 8/12”

  1. Reviews seemed aight for Dream Team. I have played every game in that series and they are fun. Bowser’s Inside Story was actually better than Superstar Saga for my money.

    That said, nothing for me this week.

    I’m already 10 hours into Xillia and alternating with Papers, Please.

    Gimme Wonderful 101 please!

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