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Jumping the Shark Podcast #185

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The gang’s all here for Jumping the Shark’s 185th episode. Fifteen more and maybe, just maybe, we can all retire from this life of verbal debauchery. In the meantime, Bill is back and he’s taken his dear sweet daughter Walking with the Dead. The words you’re looking for here are Innocence Lost. Brandon presses on with Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and feels nothing but love for the wee lass. And I, after getting lost in the world of the Marvel Unlimited comic subscription app, get back into Civilization 5: Brave New World. I’ve concluded that these newfangled cultural victories are harder to pull of then I first realized. That or I’m getting dumber… which I’m not entirely sure is possible.


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Todd Brakke

Todd was born in Ann Arbor with a Michigan helmet in one hand and a mouse in the other. (Never you mind the logistics of this.) He grew, vertically anyway, and proceeded to spend over 16 years as a development editor for Pearson Education, publishing books, videos, and digital learning products under the Que and Sams Publishing imprints. Because that wasn't enough of a challenge, Todd has also been a 20-year part-time snob about video games, writing reviews, features, and more for multiple outlets. Follow him on Twitter @ubrakto or check it out his website at

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