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Calendar Man – Week of 9/2

diablo 3 ps3 shot one

It’s a short work week here in the states, something I used to my advantage to sit on my butt and play Saints Row IV and Diablo III. Not a bad way to spend Labor Day.

Speaking of Diablo III (PS3, 360), it’s out on consoles this week. Tom and I are playing it over at Quarter To Three so take a gander to find out what happens when a grizzled PC veteran and a plucky, young console upstart fight the demons of Hell together. If demons aren’t your thing, Total War: Rome 2 brings all of the fun that only men in skirts and sandals can bring. If platforming is your thing, Rayman Legends (Wii U, Vita, PS3, 360) drops today. I liked Origins enough, but the platforming got too complicated for me so I ended up not finishing it, as is my way with all platformers. If being scared is your thing, Outlast may have you covered. I say may because horror is like comedy. What scares one person does nothing for another. Finally, A Tale of Two Brothers hits PC and PS3, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate hits PS3 and 360 and Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse hits PC, PS3 and 360.


Target – Buy a 4GB Slim 360 with Kinect and get a free $50 gift card. Buy Madden 25 and select Gillette razors and get a free $15 gift card. Buy two, get one free on all Disney Infinity single figures.

Best Buy – Get The Bureau: XCom Declassified for $39.99 ($29.99 for PC), get Battlefield 3 Premium Edition and Deadpool for $29.99 each. Get Fast & Furious Showdown for $19.99. Buy The Last of Us, get the season pass free.

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Brandon loves games, which shouldn't be a surprise given where you're reading this. He has written for GameShark, The Escapist and G4, and made them all less relevant as a result.

6 thoughts to “Calendar Man – Week of 9/2”

  1. I’m down to the last part of Tales of Xillia! Excited to be done, but great game and a damn fun time.

    I also started Paper Mario Sticker Star, which is a vast improvement over the Wii game and I am loving the implementation of the sticker concepts.

    Between that I am chewing into Guacamelee which is delightful. Phew.

    I really want Rayman Legends, but am going to wait. The new GTA5 sounds tempting too. Sigh.

  2. I’m about half way through Mark of the Ninja. It’s definitely a well produced game, I just don’t know if a stealth game in 2d can present enough of a challenge (at least not the way they’ve done it here). I’ve gone through each level so far without killing a single person and raising no alarms. I feel like I’m just going through the motions. I really have not had to stop and think through the situation. I believe a lot of the problem has to do with each room being too small as to allow for too complex a scenario to unfold, or maybe they would have better luck by having multiple rooms needing to be plotted out ahead of time. Perhaps it will get more intricate, but for now the game lacks enough challenge to keep me playing more.

    Part of me really wants to get Rayman Legends…but after their whole Wii U delay debacle, I promised myself I would refrain from purchasing. I am sticking to that promise.

    I may end up with a 2DS next week, as the price is much more palatable and I have no desire for 3D…but I am not 100% sold yet, since I think the larger screens of the XL adds a lot to the experience.

    After Mark of the Ninja, I’m thinking Darksiders or possibly The Witcher.

    1. Mark of the Ninja gets a bit more complicated and open down the line, when it introduces some new enemy types. I loved it the way it is, didn’t really find it too easy (but, it could be that you’re the better player, who knows).

      And Rayman is lovely, you’re really missing out. I hate Ubisoft’s decision to not make it cross-buy for PS3/Vita, and their Uplay shit on PC, along with couple of easy to fix bugs, but I don’t regret purchasing Legends on Steam, at all. (Tho, I should probably mention that I got it really cheap from some guy on Steam trading site who wanted 7 Team Fotress 2 keys, which is somewhere around 10€).

  3. Regarding Rayman – Legends is noticeably easier than Origins for the most part due to many more checkpoints on every level, which is actually my main complaint, so you’ll probably want to pick it up. And if you want more challenges after you finish main levels, you’ve still got invaded levels (short, but difficult “remixes” of main levels, which feel totally different), 40 or so levels from Origins with new Lums and Teensies to collect, and daily + weekly challenges. And local football mini game. And it still looks and sounds beautiful. What I’m trying to say – play it Brandon, you won’t regret it!

    (and if you do, don’t blame me ?? )

    1. I absolutely loved Rayman Origins on the Vita. Gorgeous HD visuals, great implementation of touchscreen controls, and the natural length of platforming levels make them really well suited for portable gaming. I had no doubt I was going to pick up Legends for the Vita as well…until reports came out that it’s missing a bunch of levels that all the other platforms have.

      Now I’m kind of in a holding pattern with it. A free patch will supposedly restore the missing content, but with no firm release date in sight, I guess I’ll just wait to see what happens.

      Ubisoft: Leaving Money on the Table Since 2006.

      1. I would have bought it for PS3 or Vita if it was Cross-buy/Cross-play or however they call it, and I wouldn’t care about the bigger price (45€, give or take). But since they’re so greedy, I went with the cheapest option – I got the game for like 10€ (12$), which is the price it has on Russian Steam.

        And it (PS3-Vita cross-play) could’ve worked as the Wii U version if they wanted it to, but who knows why they avoided it.

        PS – if you have PS3/X360/PC and more than one controller, and if you have someone to play the game with you, go for it, it’s really fun couch multiplayer game!

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