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Jumping the Shark Podcast Roundup: #220-223

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I’ve been negligent in re-posting JtS episodes here. (You’re all subscribers anyway, right? Right?!?!) It’s been nutty. So, with all due apologies, here’s a giant wrap-up post for the last four episodes of the show, with the most recent, 223, embedded at the end.

Episode 220:
This week Brandon goes full on hate for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and starts on the high scenes of the Northern Atlantic in Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, Todd takes Dragon Age 2 for another spin and Holly looks into the Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Direct Download #220

Episode 221:
The gang took full advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to put in some serious lap time on some new and old games. Brandon rides the elephants in FarCry 4 and proclaims himself the Elephant King. Todd gets his Inquisition on in the the latest Dragon Age opus. And Holly hate plays a whole lot of Dead Rising 3 for PC. Along the way there’s also Turkey baking mastery, Shadow of Mordor wrap-up, and much indy dabbling.

Direct Download #221

Episode 222:
The last JTS of 2014 has Holly walking the Forest, Todd asking for Papers, Please and Brandon navigating the snowy peaks of Far Cry 4. How exciting!

Direct Download #222

Episode 223:
The first JTS of 2015 features a lot of looking back at 2014. Find out how Brandon, Todd, and Holly marked the passage of time with their most memorable gaming experiences of the year. Plus, much ballyhoo about Fry Scores, Holly’s much-awaited cookbook, which is a real live product now. The phrase “food porn” was invented for association with this stunning piece of work!

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